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Charlies Circus





The Monkeys and the Crocodile

Five little monkeys swinging from the tree;

Teasing Uncle crocodile, merry as can be.

Swinging high, swinging low, swinging left, swinging right:

"Dear Uncle Crocodile, come and take a bite!"

Crocodile Tears

Five little monkeys swinging in the air;

Heads up, tails up little do they care.

Swinging up, swinging down, swinging far and near:

"Poor UncleCrocodile aren't you hungry, dear?"

Four little monkeys sitting in the tree;

Heads down, tails down, dreary as can be.

Weeping loud, weeping low, crying to each other:

"Wicked Uncle Crocodile, to gobble up our brother!"

Another wonderful rhyme from Laura Richards.


A great place to visit if you're young or old,every tale a gem.

dottido@hotmail.co.uk will reach me from wherever you are.

I would  like to dedicate this story to Charlie the son of my niece Jody and her husband Den, also Sister Kath's first grandson.Charlie
Charlie was the first animal story ever wrote, I was ten to twelve years old.

Charlie was a little chimp who went from town to  town.
He drove a little motor car and never wore a frown.
Charlie had adventures and to jungle went one day.
but he was frightened by a lion  and  he up and ran away.


        Charlie was a young Chimpanzee,helived with his best friend Co-co the clown at Chigley’s Circus and had been there since he was very young. He had been bought over to this country when his parents went missing after their trees were Charlie in his circus clothescut down. Charlie didn't remember much about the place
He had his own special little car; it was red with green bumpers and black leather seats and a little horn that went toot, toot he pressed it, which did a lot of times when he was being chased by the clowns.

ImageCharlie would drive round in the edge the arena in the big top with the clowns chasing after him; of course they would never catch him, but they used to pretend to throw buckets of water over him, thebuckets were really full of coloured paper and when the clowns missed Charlie, and the water looked like it was going to soak the children in the front row, they would scream, then laugh as they realised they weren’t going to get wet after all. Charlie's Car

As I said  Co-co was Charlie’s best friend, they had a lovely little caravan that they shared, Co-co had one half, well three quarters really and Charlie had the other quarter, they took it in turns to keep it nice and clean. Charlie had his own little bed and wardrobe with all his tiny suits and hats hanging up on coat hangers, to keep them neat and tidy for the shows. Co-co and Charlie did everything together and Charlie loved Co-co and the Circus so very much.

One of Charlie’s favourite jobs was helping Co-co wash the elephants down on a Saturday morning, they both ended up half drowned but it was better than going swimming and they laughed and laughed.

Charlie in his circus clothes Charlie was beginning to feel really excited. It was time for the circus to move to a new town and this weekend they were off to Chester. Charlie had never been to Chester before but he knew it was not far from Wrexham, and they had been there last year and Co-co had seen the signposts but what Charlie didn’t know, was that going to Chester was going to be the start of one of the greatest adventures of his life.

    They arrived at the site early the following morning the Council had given Mr. Chigley permission to put up the tents in the big field by the river Dee. There was a hustle and a bustle from the time they arrived and it was the policy of the circus to always ask for the help of the local people in putting up the Big Top and the smaller tents that were needed for the different venues.Clown
Charlie was sat on top of a big barrel, he had a huge smile on his face, it was so exciting. He was watching two of the local men unwinding the ropes ready to be attached to the Big Top; this was the tent that the clowns and Charlie did their act . men had been working very hard and had just sat down to have their tea and biscuits.“ Phew.” said Trevor. “I never realised these ropes could be so heavy, I’m quite shattered.” he added.

They carried on working for a while and then Bert took out his flask and poured another cup of tea.
"That's almost it .Trevor." Bert said as he took a biscuit and dipped it in his tea, "and to think still have that jungle to sort out before can come to the show tonight."
Charlie almost fell off the barrel, did the man, Bert know where the lived long ago?
How many balloons has the clown got Poor Charlie, he didn't really stop to think what he was thinking.
All could see his mind was a huge forest full lions and tigers and course chimpanzee's.
Maybe just maybe his mum and dad had managed to hide from the bad men and stayed in the jungle. Maybe they were still there    ..... always maybe.

Poor Charlie he really was in a terrible state.
Charlie sat back down on the barrel and watched the men working all the time his little mind trying to work out if he should follow Bert when he left the circus.
"What if he got lost? What if Coco missed him and found another best friend to live with him in the caravan? Oh dear it was a very, very difficult decision toThe Big Top make."
Somewhere a clock chimed twelve o'clock and Bert and Trevor put their ropes down and began to collect their belonging together.
Well that's me Bert, I'm off to watch the match on the telly, I don't envy you in this heat, having to do all cut all that grass and stuff. Still if you really get stuck in, you should be finished for tonight."
Trevor smiled and threw his rucksack over his shoulder, "See you tonight then." He patted Bert on his back and walked off down along the riverside path under the bridge.
"Aye I'll be there, it wont take that long once I get rid of the deep undergrowth and get big Bertha on it,"
He said to Charlie who was just sitting there watching as Bert got his stuff together.
playing "What do you think, my little mate. I guess you wouldn't mind staying  with me whilst I do it either, I bet it's a long time since you climbed trees if ever?" Bert walked over to the barrel and gave  Charlie a  tickle under his chin,
 Charlie looked up at Bert and took the piece of biscuit he held out for him.
"Well it's no good young un, if I want to come and see you perform tonight I shall have to get on or the Missus will have a fit." And with this Bert turned around and started to walk up the river path but away from the Race Course not towards it as Trevor had done.
Charlie made his decision and without another thought jumped off the barrel and started to follow Bert up the path. After what seemed ages and with the trees becoming thicker on both sides of the path , they at last came to a long fence. Charlie watched as Bert stopped and then vanish through a tall gate. Before he had time to get through the gate banged to and Charlie was left outside. Looking up he could easily have climbed the fence but he wasn't sure what might be lurking on the other side and so he made his way to  a small gap in the fence and with a bit of a squeeze and a lot of breathing in Charlie made it through the hole and into the jungle.
    The chimpanzee crouched down in the small gap the other side of the fence, it had obviously been used by some sort of animal before because a small track wound its way through the dense undergrowth. Charlie sat thinking what he should do next before eventually following the track, so on all fours he made his way deeper into the tunnel of nettles and couche grass.
His back was beginning to ache so he stopped and took a step backwards to see if he could see over the top, he tried to jump up and landed pretty awkward on his back leg making him topple to one side.

"Hey, do you mind being  a bit more careful where you put your scrawney foot." someone shouted up from down below.
"Oh gosh I am so sorry, I didn't see you down there." Charlie looked by his footClarence was not a happy chappie and shook his head.
"I really am sorry but I still can't see you down there."
"And you wont unless you come down to my level," the voice answered him. He felt a tugging on his trousers. "Trousers, what kind of animal wears trousers," the creature said as its nose poked out and sniffed Charlies leg. "Oh your a monkey," the hedgehog spoke again.
"No I'm not, my name is Charlie and I'm a chimpanzee and you are a hedgehog." Charlie answered quite indignantly.
"Whatever," the hedgehog said, "My name is Clarence, what brings you to this neck of the jungle?"
Charlie felt his heart flutter at the mention of the jungle.
Leopard Maybe Clarence might be able to help him.
"I've come to look for my mother and father, the man Bert said he was coming to clean up the jungle and I thought I might find them here."Clarence began to laugh, he rolled himself up into a ball,rolled around a bit and kept popping out still laughing.
"I am sorry, so sorry." Clarence said unwinding himself and coming  up for air.
"You have come here to look for your parents. How long is it since you seen them?"
Charlie frowned, he felt like crying. What right had this horrible creature got to laugh at him wanting to find his mum and dad, it wasn't funny at all.Clarence couldn't stop laughing
"I am so glad you think it's funny, but how would you like it if you had never see your mummy and daddy, at least I don't think  I have, but I don't remember but I do know it's not as funny as all that?"
A small tear ran down Charlies cheek, he brushed it away with his paw and shook his head as if trying to forget what Clarence said.
"I'm sorry." Clarence said "I didn' mean to upset , but thing is....
Just at that moment there was a loud noise, it was a helicopter going over head
helicopter in the jungle.Clarence forgot about laughing and was already waking said, - "Sorry again mate but I can' stay around to help sort you out, that sounds like enemy at door. lost my sister and brother to one of them, 'm off to find a good hiding place." Clarence turned and without another word was gone, off track and towards a big tree.
Charlie didn' wait around either, noise the monster and he quickly followed after Clarence. But the tree Clarence was nowhere to be seen.

sat down underneath long branches, that were covered with apples and leaned against the trunk breathing heavy, little heart was still beating like a tin drum.

     "Oh why did I come?" asked himself. "Why did leave Co-co and circus, so many things I should have thought , and now here I am trapped a jungle with a monster and I know how to get out?"
Charlie leant forward and picked up an apple that was lying a little way to his right, he took a huge bite, he hadn't realised how hungry he was, he usually had his dinner with Co-co.
Oh dear the thought of Co-co bought more tears to Charlies eyes and he was really wishing he had never ever left the circus.
He was just about to take another bite of his apple when a voice spoke from the tree.
"Hello, why are you crying then?" the voice seemed to purr. Poor Charlie he jumped up just as a long striped tail fell down from the branch, Charlie let go of the apple and stood there completely still.
"What's the matter with you then, cat got your tongue then boyo?" the cat asked.
"I'm sorry your Majesty but I didn't mean to come into your jungle, I would leave but I don't know how to get out, and Clarence says there's a monster loose and I don't know what to do next."
"What on earth are you babbling about bach?
Monster, Clarence, your Majesty, I'm a cat mate not a lion or tiger. What on earth are you doing here anyway, shouldn't you be at the circus by the bridge?"
Cat gets a washThe cat said giving herself   a wash as she spoke.
"Well yes I should," Charlie answered in between his sobs, "but I came to look for my mum and dad, and all I've found is a very rude hedgehog, a monster and you."

"Well what do you expect in a garden in Chester, elephants and tigers an leopards, I don't really think so bachgen. I know where near the Welsh border and we may have the few odd dragons but we are nowhere near Africa my lovely." Gwenllian purred.
flying clown"Look you here, my name is Gwenllian and this is the back garden of Bert
Jones who is not into keeping the garden in check." She jumped down from the branch and rubbed her head against Charlie's legs, trousers and all.
"The thing is what are we going to do with you now, there is no way you will find your mum and dad here, not in Chester, not today, not any day really."

"I think I know that now, my name is Charlie  by the way and I am pleased to  meet you Gwenl, gwenll...."

"Don't bother with that, Gwen will do, the thing is we must get you out of here before Bert gets over here with the lawn mower, Monster to you." She smileddancing clowns and Charlie smiled back at her.
"Thankyou so much, it must be getting late and Co-co will be wondering where I am, and who will drive my little car, and, and...", poor Charlie the tears came again.
"Come on, no more tears follow me." And Gwenllian was off up the path, all the time the roar of the motor followed them.
"Hurry up Charlie, I don't want to have to replace you in the circus though I'm sure I'd be very good on a trapeze." She laughed away to herself as she pushed her way through the long grass and towards the gate.
"There you go my lovely, just follow the path close to the river and get home saftly, If I can make it I'll see you later." she  gave a loud purr and a meow and gave Charlie a nudge in the right direction.

 Charlie smiled and gave her a quick kiss on her head "Thankyou so much, here you are this is for you." He reached out his paw and gave Gwenllian a bracelet that Co-co had given him for his birthday.
"I can't take this," Gwenllian said looking at the beautiful jewels.
But when she looked up Charlie was away down path, heading towards the Circus and his Co-co.
    When he arrived back Co-co was sitting on the top step of the caravan looking very worried in deed, as soon as he saw Charlie his face lit up and he rushed towards him , picking him up and giving him a huge hug.bear circus
"Oh Charlie, Charlie where have you been, I've been looking for you every where? Never mind, not to worry, your here now and that's all that matters."
He rushed Charlie into the caravan and got him into his costume for his show. "Oh Charlie please don't leave me again I would be lost without ?"

Co - Co

The show was ready to start, the ringmaster clowns were just getting ready to do there bit. Charlie peeped through curtain and there, sat in corner by the front row was Gwenllian, she was wearing her new diamond bracelet.She looked so beautiful.
Bert and Trevor were there with their children and everybody had a wonderful time. Charlie was so happy riding around the ring, hearing the children laughing, it was good to be back home and he vowed he would never leave Co-co again.......

Well maybe if they went to a real jungle, he just might!!!

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Love is ....... Being Together.

After losing his  parents, this 3 year old orangutan was so  depressed he wouldn't eat and didn't respond to  any medical treatments.  The veterinary surgeons  thought he would surely die for he didn't seem to have the will to live any more.  
Strnge though it may seemed the zoo keepers found an old sick dog on  the grounds in the park at the zoo where the  orangutan lived. Without more ado they took the dog to the animal  treatment center.  The dog arrived at the  same time the orangutan was there being treated.   Within moments the two animals had bonded, something in their look created a spark in the other's soul and from that day on the two animals became inseparable. 
 They are together 24 hours a day and each helps the other as though they were long time blood brothers. Isn't life strange children and wonderful.

We'll be safe on the stone.   

They live in  Northern California where swimming is their  favorite past time, although Roscoe (the  orangutan) is a little afraid of the water and needs his friend's help to swim. 

Swimming LessonsHm m m not sure about all that water though

Together they have  discovered the joy and laughter in life and the  value of friendship.

Must be time for a nap I think mate.

They have found more than a friendly shoulder to lean on. 

Long Live Friendship!

 I  don't know..some say life is too short,  others say it is too long, but I know that  nothing that we do makes sense if we don't touch  the hearts of others.......while it  lasts. My grand-daughter Molly adopted an Orangutan three years ago just after he his parents went missing. She called him Tango.
You never know but this could quite possibly be him!

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Dobbin and Kitty
Dobbin has a little friend,
   Spotted white and sable;
Everyday she goes to him
In his lonely stable.

Not a miteof dread has she,
Not a thought of danger;
Lightly runs between his hoofs,
Jumps upon his manger;

Lays her soft young cheek to his,
Purrs her meek "Good-morning!"
Gives the flies that hover near
Such a look of warning!

"Dobbin dear," she sometimes says,
"Feel my winter mittens!
Nice and warm, you see, and made
Purposely for kittens.

"Dobbin dear, such times at home!
Mother has caught a
Brought it home to show to us.
What do you think of that?

Mother has caught a rat"Dobbin," she whispers, purring still,
"You often get so weary!

Why don't you bal
k or run away,
And get your freedom, dearie?"

Then Dobbin gives his head a toss,
And says: "For shame Miss Kitty!
If I could do so mean a thing
'Twould be a monsterous pity!

"No, no; my master's good and kind!
I'll never vex him yet -- never!"
And pussy, pleased, still rubs his cheek,
And likes him more than ever.

of course another wonderful rhyme from



Antelope A's for the Antelope always on view
which Algernon saw when he went to the zoo.

BearB was the Bear that came up at a run
when Benjamin threw him a very nice bun.

CamelC's for the Camel; "poor thing what a lump!"
was what Caroline said when she looked at his hump.

DeerD's for the Deer with the soft pretty eyes;
Dodie found them so tame she had quite a surprise.

elephantE was the Elephant: sixpence a ride,
but Eric soon found that you can't sit astride.

FoxF was the Fox, very crafty and sly.
watching Frank from his den with a cunning old eye.

GiraffeG's the Giraffe which made Geraldine smile:
she was sure with his neck he could see quite a mile.

HippopotamosH was the Hippo asleep in his pool.
Harry thought it an excellent way to keep cool.

IbexI was the Ibex, a kind of wild goat
Ida though his horns nasty, but liked his fine coat.

J was a Jaguar, like a big cat.
But Jane didn't think she would like him to pat!

KangarooK was the Kangaroo off with a bound;
A fine way thought Ken to get over the ground.

L's for the Lions; they made such a fierce noise
Laura wished she were safely at home with the boys.

MonkeyM's for the Monkeys, all patter and chatter,
But Michael couldn't tell what on earth was the matter.

NilgaiN's for a Nilgai which jumped off a rock:
He took such a leap that Nell had quite a shock.

OstrichO's for the Ostrich a wise-looking bird
but Ophelia remembered the tales she had heard.

ParrotsP's for the Parrots that had lots to say
and tried to peck Paul as he passed by their way.

QuaggaiQ's for the Quagga which Quentin found tame;
he is  quite like a Zebra with stripes and a mane.

RhinosaurusR is the Rhino, a fierce looking beast;
Rosie watched him with awe in the midst of a feast.

SnakeS is the snake which Suzanne found asleep;
He was shiny and slimy and made her flesh creep.

TigerT's for the tigers that gave Tim a fright;
He was horribly scared lest they got out at night.

Unicornfor U (that's the Unicorn) nobody looks;
As Una can tell you, he's only in books.

VultureV's for the Vulture, a big bird of prey.
Victoria she saw him - and soon ran away.

WolfW's for the Wolf lying flat on the ground,
Though when William can near he was up with a bound.

XoniX just looks on and has nothing to do:
There's no creature that claims him throughout the whole zoo.

Y is the Yak; he's worthy of note;
Yvonne was amazed at his long shaggy coat.

Z's fot the Zebra that kept Zoe so busy
She counted his stripes till she felt she was dizzy.

Beautiful Princess


Charlie has found you a lovely rhyming story about a Hedghog who was really a Prince

The Hedgehog

                   Where gnarly hedgeroots twine around,A little Prickly One in a ball
                      A little animal I've found;
                 It has no feet, it has no head,
but pins are everywhere instead.
I'd like to stroke it very much,
But it's so thorny to the touch
I'll have to leave it in the sun,
The little sleepy, prickly one!

The Princess found Hans the hedgehog at her feetI read a story ages since,
That told about a fairy prince,
Who had to wear a hedgehog shell
Until a Princess broke the spell.
He journeyed up and down the land
But nobody would understand,
Until one day a Princess sweet
Found Hans the hedgehog at her feet,

And in delight took off her crown
The King found him on the throne
And rolled him in it upside down.
She put him on her father's chair;
His Majesty soon found him there
And said: "O dear! O dearie me!
What is this animal I see?"

Then suddenly to his surprise
A prince grew up before his eyes!

The Princess married him one dayThe hedgehog's skin he'd seen before
Lay flat and empty on the floor.
And then the stranger told the King
About the spell and everything,
And said he was so very glad
To shed the horrid spikes he had.
The Princess married him one day
And that is all there is to say.

So when I saw this huddled heap,they are warm and cuddle underneath, but full of fleas
So tightly curled and fast asleep,
I thought of Hans and let it lie.
Perhaps a Princess, passing by

Has found it there and knew the spell
And charmed away the prickly shell
And brought to light a Fairy Prince
Who's loved her dearly ever since.

Elizabeth Fleming

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Welcome to the Fingles Wood Department Store with Escalator

Some of the up to date DVD's and CD's  from K-POP

Busan City Escalator into Park

  Nintendo, Xbox Live, PlayStation. Auction Sale June 2012     

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Charlie from Seligor's Castle wants you to meet someone special.


Joseph Grimaldi was 3 years old when he first went on the stage of Sadler's Wells with his father and worked there for 45 years as performer and part-proprietor. From his debut in 1806 at Covent Garden in Mother Goose he was adored by all and could fill a theatre anywhere. The name Joey has passed into our language to mean a clown. He lived all his life among the people of Clerkenwell and died at 33 Southampton Street, now called Calshot Street. Islington Council has called the park in which he lies buried the Joseph Grimaldi Park to commemoratea great artist and a great man.There was a special show to celebrate this wonderful clown.

There was a special performance held in 2006 based on the life of the Great Joeseph Grimaldi. Do you know that many, many clowns have makeup that is their trade mark. It is registered and no other clown is allowed to wear his or her style of make up.

Following the clown's show you are invited to a special opening of the Clowns Gallery - Museum.
This is the UK's only museum dedicated to clowns and their history.
It is normally open just once a month - on the first Friday (from 12 noon to 5pm)
(special arrangements can be made for group visits at other times)
The address is: All Saints Centre, Haggerston Road, Hackney, London E8 4HT
(Tube: Liverpool Street, then bus 149 or 242; map)
It is just a few minutes' walk from Holy Trinity Church to the Clowns Gallery.


You may want to combine a visit to the Clowns Gallery with a visit to two other nearby museums:
- Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9PA: http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/nmc (map)
- Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA: http://www.geffrye-museum.org.uk (map)

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Clowns International (the organisers of this event): http://www.clowns-international.co.uk.

Theodora Children's Trust: http://www.theodora.org.uk. This is a clown doctor programme, bringing fun and laughter to children in hospital. This important service is provided by a charity (donations are welcomed).

  Thank you so much for letting me use these facts, excellent

      Thank you

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