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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
Games Time



It's Playtime in the Castle for Everybody.


I want to be like daddy, to grow a nice, big man;

I look so small beside him, though I stretch up all I can

I want strong arms like Daddy - he could fight with anyone;

And he can walk much quicker than my little legs can run.

I want to be like Daddy, for he's the best of all -

He lets me climb right up him, and never lets me fall.

I want a stick like Daddy's and a lovely "Sunbeam" bike;

To have a lot of money to buy all the things I like.

Sunbeam 1917

1917 sunbeam 3 1/2 hp

If I'd as much as Daddy of silver and of gold,

I'd never, never go to work, not do what I was told.

I'd buy a great big motor, and I'd be the motor-man,

And drive along in triumph, heaps faster than others can.

I'd have a house my very own at Margate or at Rhyl,

And paddle all the morning and with shells my pocket fill.

I'd buy pounds and pounds of chocolates, and have strawberry jam for tea,

And have a nice fat donkey to ride on by the sea.

Cheshire Tram Car

I want to be like Daddy; on the tram-car I would ride,

And jump in while it's going, and always sit inside!

If I were big like Daddy, I would jump, and fish and climb;

But Daddy seems to think that I have far the nicest time.

My Daddy says he wouldn't like to do these things all day,

It's only little boys like me who always want to play.

He says I've heaps of things to learn, and that he works for me;

But when I'm big I'll help him, and how splendid that will be!

                                                                                      Written by Marjorie W. Crosbie.



It's Playtime in the Castle for Everybody

All children love to play dressing up, even the boys with their Spiderman and Spacemen Suits, and not forgetting "Cowboys and Indians. Here are a few Rhymes about children who like to be like their hero's, even if it's just Mum and Dad Embarassed

Brig in Storm


I'm only FIVE but soon I'll be

 A British Sailor on the sea;

On Daddy's ship I mean to sail

To fight the foe and brave the gale.

When I'm six I'll climb a mast

When I am SIX I'll try to learn

Which is the bow and which the stern;

I've climbed the masts, and fired the guns,

And lived on Chocolate and buns.

Robinson Crusoe

When I am EIGHT - that is, twice four -

I shall be wrecked and swim ashore;

Then all alone - shan't I be brave?

I'll live like Crusoe in a cave.

Admiral Jellico who was at the Battle of Jutland

When I am TEN I shall, you know,

An Admiral be like Jellicoe;

I'll wear a sword and cocked hat fine,

And never go to bed till nine.

Admiral of the Fleet John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe, GCB, OM, GCVO (5 December 1859 – 20 November 1935) was a British Royal Navy admiral who commanded the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland in World War I.


It's Playtime in the Castle for Everybody

Lots of lovely words for you to look at and have fun with


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