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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
Over theRainbow


Among the tender poems about childhood that have touched the heartof the world none takes a dearer place than this, by the wonderful Eugene Field, on the toys of "Little Boy Blue."


The little toy dog is covered with dust, but sturdy and staunch he stands;

The little toy soldier is red with rust, and his musket moulds in his hands.

Time was when the little toy dog new, and the soldier was passing fair;

And that was the time when our Little Blue Blue kissed them and put them there.

"Now, don't you go till I come," he said, "And don't you make any noise!"

So, toddling off to his trundle-bed, he dreamt of his pretty toys.

And as he was dreaming an angel song awakened our Little Boy Blue;

Oh, the years are many, the years are long, but the little toy friends are true!

Eugene Field Little Boy Blue

Aye, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand, each in the same old place.

Awaiting the touch of a little hand, the smile of a little face;

And they wonder, as waiting the long years through in the dust of that little chair,

What has become of our Little Boy Blue since he kissed them and put them there.,

I actually copied the poem from my Arthur Mee Children's Encyclopedia of 1933, at if you ever have the chance to buy one of these sets, there are ten in all, do buy it although all the inventions etc are very old, the poetry, verse and Nursey Rhymes will make it worth every penny for your children and your childrens children.

The insert of the poem was collected by Gutenberg, another fantastic website for finding poetry etc

I borrowed this from Gutenberg which is a free library.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And
Contradictions, by Slason Thompson


Here is a Beautiful Sunday Story all the way from Poland

Little BirdThe Legend of the GoldfinchLittle Bird

          When God the Father made our world and covered the ground with lovely carpets of flowers, and made trees to grow into the wonderful temples of forests. He wanted the temples to be filled with music, so He made the birds.

          He made them big and small and gave them different shapes,  and when they were all finished He told them to get into a long line so that they could be painted. So all the big birds stood  first and all the little ones were at the end. Phew, it was such a long line. And there, among the small birds, was one that was very lively - we call him a Goldfinch today. He chirped and hopped and moved to and fro, and could not keep in the line. There was still such a long line of birds to be painted before his turn came.

"I must try my wings for a while; it is so tiring to stand and wait, " thought the little bird; and he spread his wings When God made our world, He made it so Beautiful.and up he flew, up to the little clouds that looked so white and fluffy against the deep blue background of the sky.

      He looked down; how beautiful the world was in its new, fresh loveliness! He flew from tree to tree and meadow to meadow and hill to hill, singing with joy and fluttering in the sunshine. He was so happy in this wonderful world. Suddenly he remembered his coat had not been painted and that he had been away for such a long time. He must hurry back. So he flew as fast as he could, and at last he could see the meadow where the long line of birds had been. But now there were no birds to be seen at all.

          God had finished his work, and He had packed away his paints and brushes and So God took all the little bits of colour....was washing his hands. The little Goldfinch sat on a tree and sobbed. God heard him weeping and asked what was the matter. So the Goldfinch told how he had flown away to see the beautiful world, and how he was too late to have his coat painted.

     "God saw that he was really sorry, so He said "Come, and I will see what I can do." 

So, joyfully, the Goldfinch flew to Him.  The colours had all been put away, but there were still many little bits of paint on the palette; so God took all the many little scraps and made of them the wonderful coat of many colours that the Goldfinch wears to this day...

How to Make Rainbow Bubbles

          These days, you can equip yourself with all types of fancy gadgets in order to create rainbow bubbles: Apart from electric bubble machines, you can purchase special solutions that enhance the rainbow effect or others that allow you to create burst-resistant bubbles. However, there is still the old-fashioned method, which saves you money and the trip to the store; all you need to do is gather a couple of items from your kitchen to create some simple outdoor fun for everyone and bring back childhood memories with a modern twist.

Things You'll Need:

 4 teaspoons dish soap
1 cup water
2 teaspoons light corn syrup or glycerine (optional)
Liquid food colouring (red, blue, green)
Plastic cups
Tape (optional)

Add 4 teaspoons of dish soap to a cup of water; stir well until both liquids are combined. In order to make the bubbles, add 2 teaspoons light corn syrup or glycerine (the latter is available at your local pharmacy). Divide the solution equally into plastic cups.

Add 3 to 4 drops of different food colourings into each cup and stir until the colour is evenly blended. Create a bubble wand. An easy way is to bend a straw carefully into a loop, taping both ends together and wrapping the tape several times to create a grip. The bigger the loop, the bigger the bubble. You can skip this step if you prefer to use a simple straw.

Find a nice spot outside and dip your bubble wand or your straw into the homemade bubble solution. A thin liquid film should coat the opening of your straw or stretch in the loop of your wand. Blow your bubbles using a gentle, persistent stream of air, allowing them to grow; too much force will result in the bubble expanding too quickly, causing it to burst. Tips ; Warnings Handle your bubble solution with care, because food colouring may stain clothes and certain surfaces. Make sure bubbles do not burst too close to the faces of younger children, since bubble solution may irritate their eyes and turn the fun into tears. Don't forget to clean up when you are done. Extensive bubble blowing can make smooth surfaces slippery, potentially causing falls.
Weather, Rainbow colours


How to Decorate a
Rainbow Bedroom Theme

Rainbow Wall Hanging
When you think of a rainbow, most often it is with a smile and a sense of calmness. Rainbows signify a place of beauty and respite during a storm. A girl's room that is decorated in rainbows can be just that. Here are some ideas for make a great rainbow bedroom.

ThereRainbow Wall Hanging are beautiful rainbow murals that are available in several sizes. This is a terrific idea to brighten up the room and lay the groundwork for the rest of bedroom. These murals are easy to apply, as they come in sections and are

usually pre-glued. You will need to carefully measure the room and the pieces, the draw a few lines so that each piece has its place. Be careful not to get the placement of the pieces mixed up because you may difficulty removing a piece once it's on the wall.

For the other walls, you might choose to paint the three remaining walls each a specific colour of the rainbow. Try to match the colours to the colours of the rainbow in mural. You might also consider a strip of a different colour of the rainbow at the tops or the middle of the wall.

You can find rainbow bedding at almost every major department store, but you might also consider a patchwork type bedspread that has all the colours of the rainbow. Try to find three of four sets of sheets that are also these same colours. Mix and match the sheets to create new, colourful looks.

You will be surprised once you start looking at the availability of brightly coloured furniture. Consider a small, brightly coloured love seat. Place this love seat against a wall of a different colour. You can also find small, unique tables that you can paint in a matching colour. A brightly coloured footstool can complete the look for the love-seat. There are a terrific selection of bean bags, and some of these often feature rainbows. Don't forget a small desk. Add a beautiful picture of a rainbow on the work area and seal.

Pillows, pillows, pillows.

Find pillows of every shape and size in different colours of the rainbow. They needn't be just for the bed. Place them on the window sills as well.

You can also find rainbow pictures for the wall and arrange them in an arc like a rainbow. Don't forget to find a lamp with a brightly coloured lampshade. There are also beautifully coloured blankets and sheets, candles (for the older child)

 There are also beautifully coloured light switch covers as well, Just keep a look out for some snazzy items you might find at the car boot sale.

Rainbow Room

I found all these wonderful ideas at "eHow.com ", there address is below.

  • Step 7

    To give the room the finishing touch, consider having your daughter start collecting anything with rainbows. Not only will it be fun for her and for you, you will be amazed at how many rainbow items you can find in the strangest places. You may find figurines, books, other pillows, stuffed rainbows, clothing pieces, or throw blankets. Your little girl will truly appreciate having a collection of rainbows and it could continue on into adulthood.

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    Long ago, at the beginning of time, the colours of the world quarrelled. Each claimed that it was the best, the most beautiful, the most important, the most useful, and the favourite colour.

    Green said, "Look at the grass and the leaves and the trees. Clearly, you can see that I am the most important colour. I am the colour of life and of hope. Look around and you see that I am everywhere."

    Then Blue interrupted and exclaimed, "Consider the sky and the sea. Water is the basis of all life and without me there would be no blue skies. Without me, there would be nothing."

    Yellow laughed! "I am bright and warm and you are all so serious. Every time you look at a yellow daffodil or a big sunflower, you smile. The sun, the moon, and the stars are all yellow. The day starts and ends with me and without me you would have no fun."

    Orange started to boast. "I am the colour of good food that brings health and strength. Carrots, oranges, and pumpkins have valuable vitamins. An when orange fills the sky at sunrise or sunset, my beauty is so striking that all who see me gasp in awe."

    Well, Red started shouting. "I am the ruler of all life. Blood is red and blood is life. I am the colour of passion and of love as you see in the red rose, the poinsettia, and the beautiful poppies."

    Violet stood up and was very tall. He spoke with great importance in his voice. "I am the colour of royalty and kings. Powerful people have always chosen me for I am the colour of authority and wisdom."

    At last, in a very quiet voice,

    Indigo spoke. "You hardly notice me, but although I am quiet, without me you are all nothing. You need me for balance and contrast, and for inner peace."

    The arguing continued, each colour boasting and bragging and quarrelling and squabbling. Each was certain that his or her colour was the absolute best. As their fighting became louder, a flash of lightning flew through the sky. Thunder cracked and boomed and rain started to pour down in buckets. The colours shook with fear and started to huddle together for comfort.

    Then the rain began to speak: "You colours are so foolish. You are fighting about who is best, each trying to outdo the rest. Don't you understand that you were each made for a special purpose? Each is unique and different? Join hands and follow me."

    Doing as the rain told them, the colours came together and joined hands. "From now on," the rain said, "when it rains, each of you will stretch out across the sky in a great arch of colour. The rainbow will be a sign of peace and hope for tomorrow."

    So, boys and girls, whenever rain washes the world, look for a rainbow to appear in the sky. When it appears, remember that every one of you is special. Let the colours of the rainbow remind you to appreciate yourself and one another. Hold hands with a friend and remember that together we make a rainbow of peace and hope that stretches across the world.


    (Adapted by Jeanette Larson from “How the Rainbow Came to Be,” a traditional Native American legend.)

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      Please Take Notice Of This UN-Natural Phenomenon !!!



       I have set a Rainbow in the cloud, and, it shall be a sign of  the covenant between Heaven and Earth .

    Weather, Rainbow colours

    Seligor's Castle presents, 
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    Weather, Rainbow colours
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           Mackerel Sky OK! I can hear you all saying what has a thunderstorm got to do with Rainbows. Well listen, and I'll tell you a small story from a small while ago;
    Down by the sea are the old fishermen, mending their nets or lobster-pots beside the upturned boats on the shore; up near the cottage on the road to the hills is the shepherd, whistling for his faithful dog. Those are the people to ask whether it is likely to be a good day for a sail or a picnic on the moor. They do not tap barometers ; they look at the sky and read the weather news there.
    It is not easy to learn to forecast the weather in this way; but some of the signs are plainer than others. A thunderstorm sometimes comes as a complete surprise ; at other times the sky gives hints of what is to come along before the storm breaks.
    Mare's Tail Sky
          It seems that all clouds are made up of countless droplets of water, each with a speck of dust in its heart, and all are formed in the same way from the cooled water-vapour brought up from the earth by warm air currents ; but clouds are very strange and come in many different shapes and sizes, from wispy "Mare's tails " and the little flecks of a "Mackerel sky " as spotted as the fish's skin - to the billowy white " Wool-packs " and the still heavier banks of dark storm-clouds.
            Very often when thunder is coming the "Wool-pack clouds Woolpack Sky, in Aberdeen, North Carolinawith their rounded tops grow darker and darker, though their silver linings may still be seen for a while, and the ragged grey rain clouds gather together in dark masses. Then a strange orange glow spreads  across the skies, and it feels like the air around you is still and heavy. 
    Thunderstorms are most common in  hot weather, when the atmosphere becomes so sticky and stuffy that it makes people tired and miserable with headaches. At home in Groes where I used to live we used to be tormented by tiny black flies that we used to call thunder bugs, and by the time the storm actually arrived the window sills used to be covered in the tiny bugs, the size of a pin head if I remember rightly. The strange thing was, when the thunder came and the storm was over, they were all gone, vanished into what was now thin air!
          When I was very small and we lived in Bontnewydd, which was deep in a valley, with high reaches on either side,  when the thunder and lightning came it would travel up and down the valley, which was an amazing sight.
        Just before the storm breaks there is often a short but heavy rain fall, and the wind would get up and turn cold, this was then followed by another heavy rain often with hail-stones mixed with the massive drops. Then the lightning begins to flash across the sky, not always the same kind of lightning.
     Electric ... moment fork lightning bolt struck erupting volcano
    Sometimes huge forks cracked from the sky like dragons tongues licking their way down to the valley, then after the flash would come the thunder. We used to count between the lightning and thunder to see how close it was. I quite liked the fork lightning but not the sheet lightning, though my Mum said this one was the safest. As the wind moved the clouds through the valley so the storm would get closer, then there would be an almighty flash of light followed by an huge crack of thunder, so loud that the whole cottage would shake with the noise. Dad sheet lightening above the cloudssaid it was Thor throwing his hammer around in the Heavens and Zeus was replying by throwing bolts of lightning at him. I never had the heart to tell him that they were both from a different type of mythology.
          But that was long ago, and I can honestly say that apart from when I lived abroad, I haven't seen a good thunderstorm since the eighties. Lightning is a giant electrical spark, most of the flashes pass from cloud to cloud, this is the sheet lightning and we don't often hear the thunder when that one is playing with the clouds.  Where as the fork lightning is more violent and it sends a rush of electricity from place to place,  it is this that causes the thunder, for thunder is the noise made as the heated air expands at the touch of the lightning.
          Of course the lightning in the sky is a very long way  off, and as light travels nearly a million times as fast as sound, the flash is seen from the earth a moment or two before the sound of the thunder is heard, although both occur in the clouds at the same time. Rainbow  Pietmondriian.com
            There are some great stores of electricity in the clouds, and it is when these are upset in various ways that the thunder comes to visit us. Even when the weather seems calm, the air high up is constantly moving, sometimes it moves in strange swirls and whirls, sometimes in cold streams that flow in under masses of warmer air and cool the water-vapour in them till rain drops begin to form and fall. So we have sheet lightning that plays above the clouds jumping from one to the other, then we have the dragon flashes that streak down to the earth without care or leave where they land. Then we have the dragon tongues that occasionally lick the earth, not always but sometimes they can  start fires, cause serious damage to homes and buildings. Even people can be killed by these flashes if they get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just remember to keep away from trees and high places, best still try to be some-where snug and warm.
          rainbow rock stars Well the storm passes, usually very quickly, the rain ceases ; no more lightning is seen, and there is not even a mutter of thunder among the hills.  As the clouds move gently apart a lovely light is shed from beyond them. This often causes a rainbow to appear in the sky, for the fine raindrops still falling from some of the clouds catch the sunlight and break it up into its different colours : red, orange, yellow, green, blue. indigo, violet. Sometimes there is a second, fainter rainbow, and in it the bands of colour are in the opposite direction, starting wiith violet, indigo through to red.
          The clearest rainbows are seen when the sun is low in the sky, either in the east in the morning or in the west in the afternoon. The nearest the sun is to the horizon , the more nearly complete is the bow or arc. Rainbows, like thunderstorms are more common in the summer than in the winter, and usually after a heavy shower or thunderstorm than a long steady downpour from a dull-grey sky.
          But you can see a rainbow in many places, when you next take a trip on a boat or ferry. Look at the spray cast up by the prow, the rainbow is in every drop of water. One of my most favourite rainbows can be seen in the dew drops on a spring morning. Go for a walk to the woods, along a country path, in a country park, but it must be whilst the dew drops are hanging from the leaves. If you are really lucky and you move your eyes so slowly once you get the first colour, you can see all the colours in the one tiny dew drop, the sun shines through the watery droplet as it rises. All the colours of the rainbow intense colour, shimmering, glinting like precious gems, so wonderful. Oh gosh Seligor does get carried away when she describes these beautiful refraction of colours. Oh goodness I have just thought of another way to see a rainbow,  BUBBLES! of course, so simple, get mum to buy you a pot of bubbles and blow them towards the sunlight. Hundreds of little rainbows popping all around you.

    Brilliant, Fantastic.  stewy
      So long as you have the early morning sun and the dew, you have a  RAINBOW.
    After the storm everything is peaceful and beautiful, shining drops run off the trees and leave them very fresh and green, the drooping flowers raise their heads again, and one after another the birds begin to sing.
    The gist for this little tale came from Maribel Edwin, I have just added a few thoughts of my own, for I do so love the weather we have in Wales.. 

    I think most of us know what a rainbow is, if not we shall find out later. But does anyone know where the "Rainbow Ends"
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     BOX IF THE 

    "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

    music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high,
    There's a land that I heard of
    Once in a lullaby.

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Skies are blue,
    And the dreams that you dare to dream
    Really do come true

    Someday I'll wish upon a star
    And wake up where the clouds are far
    Behind me.
    Where troubles melt like lemon drops
    Away above the chimney tops
    That's where you'll find me.

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Bluebirds fly.
    Birds fly over the rainbow.
    Why then, oh why can't I?

    If happy little bluebirds fly
    Beyond the rainbow

    Why, oh why can't I?

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    green grow the rushes O!

    I'll sing you one, O
    Green grow the rushes, O
    What is your one, O?
    One is one and all alone
    And evermore shall be so.
    I'll sing you two, O
    Green grow the rushes, O

    What are your two, O?
    Two, two, lily-white boys,
    Clothed all in green, O
    One is one and all alone
    And evermore shall be so.

    I'll sing you three, O
    Green grow the rushes, O
    What are your three, O?
    Three, three, the rivals,
    Two, two, lily-white boys,
    Clothed all in green, O
    One is one and all alone
    And evermore shall be so          ETC.
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    Four for the gospel makers

    Five for the symbols at your door

    Six for the six proud walkers

    Seven for the seven stars in the sky

    Eight for the April rainers

    Nine for the nine bright shiners

    Ten for the Ten Commandments

    Eleven for the eleven who went to heaven

    Twelve for the twelve Apostle

    There seems to be so many explanations for this song or hymn that I am just going to let every one decide for themselves.
    A little bit of song and dance for your mp3 player
    I found these wonderful little stories on a website that has since closed down,
    they were all written by the pupils of

    Mrs Vaage 1st Grade in March/April 2003, Canada
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     Castle Under The Rainbow

    Juliana's Rainbow

    Juliana is walking under a magical rainbow.

    She sees the hot sun shining on the rainbow. 

    Juliana is wearing a beautiful rainbow dress. 

    She sees stars in the sky too! She is very happy.

    By Juliana

    the little bears are wearing rainbow stripes.Rainbow Colours

    Jocelyn's rainbow castle is pretty and colourful.  It has red, blue, purple and yellow flags.

    The sun has many different colours too.  It is shining on the flowers so they will grow bigger.  The beautiful rainbow has lots of colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

    By Jocelyn

    The Witch and the Rainbow

    Once there was a kingdom under a rainbow.  There were rainbow flowers and Princesses too!  There was a witch living in a cottage nearby the castle.  One day the witch took the magic rainbow to the magic water and she put it into the magic water.  Everything went white.  The Prince rode over to the sea and saw a glitter in the water.  He went down to the sea to get the rainbow but it was too heavy to carry back to the castle.  He called the carriage driver to help him move the rainbow back to the kingdom.  They put it into the carriage and brought it to the kingdom.  They lived happily ever after, except for the witch.  She was very angry. 

    The End.  By Olivia

    Under a Rainbow

    Under a rainbow grows a rainbow tree.  The rainbow tree has red and green chocolate berries.  It has orange and yellow chocolate berries and purple candy pieces.  Beside the rainbow tree grows a rainbow ice-cream cone.  Under the rainbow ice-cream cone grows rainbow

    grass with chocolate flavoured licorice.  To grow the rainbow treat garden we need rainbow coloured grass seeds and a magical rainbow sun.  Add some rainbow water to help the garden grow.  The rainbow over the garden is so beautiful you can jump on it like a trampoline!

    By Cassie

    The Brave Knight
    Once upon a time the dragon was trying to blow fire at the fish.
    The flying, magical unicorn pony was eating grass until the mean dragon scared her away.  The armoured knight tried to fight the dragon.  He couldn't get across the pond that went around the castle.  The unicorn came to help him.  They flew over the castle.  The knight dropped a canyon ball on the dragon's head.  The dragon then knew that he shouldn't hurt the fish.  He went back to his cave in the dark mountains.

    By Matthew

    Brent's Rainbow

    A fire truck is beside Brent's rainbow.  The leaves on the tree are falling down.  There are lots of colors in Brent's rainbow, red, blue, green, orange, gray and purple.  The blue ocean is in the middle of the rainbow.

    By Brent

    The Leprechaun's Trick in Rainbowland

    Once upon a time there was a King, a Queen and the children Sally and Kootch in a faraway place named Rainbowland.  There were a lot of  leprechauns, gold and happy children in Rainbowland.  

    The King and Queen liked to stay in the castle to count the gold. The children liked to climb the magical rainbow.  They played tag on the rainbow and slid down the rainbow to the pool.  A tricky leprechaun pretending to be a shark grabbed Sally in the pool.  Her brother Kootch ran to get a lifesaver.  He dived in and saved Sally.  The leprechaun never played the shark trick again.  They all went inside for lunch. 

    They lived happily ever after but Kootch pretended to be the shark the next day.

    By Macey

    The Rainbow Castle

    Once upon a time under a Magical Rainbow was a Magical Castle.  Chloe and her Mom and Dad live in the magical castle.  They love their home because it is so beautiful and has orange, pink, blue, green, red and purple rooms.  They slept at night and in the day walked in the Magical Kingdom.  They decorated their castle and lived happily ever after.

    By Chloe

    Rainbow Rain

           A princess lived in a rainbow coloured castle.  One day it started to rain and there were so many different colors the Princess couldn't see where she was going.  After the rain stopped she decided to play in her backyard.  Then she heard thunder and it started to rain different colours again.  There was lightening but right in the middle of the lightening the rain stopped.  She went out again to play in her backyard.  Her friend came to play ball but the sky turned pitch black and it rained again.

     By Victoria C.

    The Rainbow's Gold

    Under the rainbow is Carly's Rainbow Castle.  Carly is inside her castle.  She plays hide and seek in her castle with her friends.  Sometimes she hides under the rainbow and she sometimes finds gold.  She shares the gold with her friends.

    By Carly

    The Magic Castle

    Once upon a time a King and a Queen lived in a castle surrounded by an ocean filled with fish.  The fish were trying to jump into the castle through the windows because they were hungry.  The Queen and the King went out the door.  They stood on top of the highest tower and fed all the fish some fish food.  The Queen and King went to sleep but the fish were trying to get in the door because they needed a drink.  They had a drink of milk.  They went back to the ocean and fell fast asleep.  The next day the King and Queen fed the fish again.  They lived happily ever after.

    By Billie


    In Hanna's special Rainbow place there is a rainbow sun.  The Rainbow Mountains are under the rainbow.  Tall flowers protect the mountains like guards.  They are "Snap Dragons."  Hanna would like to go swimming in a Rainbow lake in Rainbowland.  It's a really nice place and very magical, full of shiny  rainbow jewels.  It always shines in the sunlight. 

     By Hanna

    The Two Knights

    Once upon a time two knights on horses were about to start a fight.  They both fell off their horses at the same time so nobody won the fight.  The unicorn flew down and picked up the knights and took them over the rainbow to a New Kingdom.  They met the king.  The king invited them to live in his castle.  They said, "Yes".  They all lived happily ever after.   

    The End

    By Christopher M

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    Indigo Children of the Divine:

    transformers of this realm here are some ideas.


    You are a divine being who has come to this realm to help raise the vibration and bring peace and harmony. Indigo Sol

    This comes about by being true to yourself, and following the wise guidance of the great spirits assisting this world.

    This will not be an easy task as there are many energies and forces opposed to the transformation of this realm.

    You will succeed only if you decide to succeed.

    Do not allow the world to crush you.

    Take heart. Be strong.

    Indigo Bunting

    Never give up.


    Indigo Magic, Indigo Dreams,

    Indigo Prince by Jacob Uber

    All mixed together make Indigo Cream.

    Indigo Essence with Indigo Charm,

    Keeps you quite safe and far from Harm.

    Indigo Izzy

    Indigo Children with Indigo Eyes,

    Make Indigo Treasure so full of Surprise.

    Indigo Fairies, Indigo Flowers,

    Protect and keep you, through Indigo Hours.

    Dodie Milnes-Simm


    Ode to a Cluster of VioletsLight Violets
    - by Pablo Neruda -
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    Crisp cluster plunged in shadow.
    Drops of violet water and raw sunlight floated up with your scent.
    A fresh subterranean beauty climbed up from your buds thrilling my eyes and my life. 

    One at a time, flowers that stretched forward silvery stalks,
    creeping closer to an obscure light shoot by shoot in the shadows,
    till they crowned the mysterious mass
    with an intense weight of perfume
    and together formed a single star
    with a far-off scent and a purple center.

    Poignant cluster intimate scent of nature,
    you resemble a wave, or a head of hair,
    or the gaze of a ruined water nymph sunk in the depths.
    But up close, in your fragrance’s blue brazenness,
    you exhale the earth, an earthly flower, an earthenDark Violet
    smell and your ultraviolet gleam in volcanoes’ faraway fires. 

    Into your loveliness I sink a weathered face,
    a face that dust has often abused.
    You deliver something out of the soil.
    It isn’t simply perfume, nor simply the perfect cry of your entire color,no: it’s
    a word sprinkled with dew, a flowering wetness with roots. 

    Fragile cluster of starry violets, tiny, mysterious planet
    of marine phosphorescence, nocturnal bouquet nestled in green leaves: the truth is there is no blue word to express you.
    wild white violet

    Better than any word is the pulse of your scent.

    from Odes to Common Things  translated by Ken Krabbenhoft, Bullfinch Press, 1994

    There are also a Pink, Yellow and White wild violets here in Wales

    wild yellow violet

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