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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
Counting Rhymes

BlackboardSELIGOR'S CASTLEI remember a desk like this

Fun for all the children


dottido@hotmail.co.uk will reach me from wherever you are.


by Carl Sandburg

Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head.

Arithmetic tell you how many you lose or win if you know how many you had before you lost or won.

Arithmetic is seven eleven all good children go to heaven -- or five six bundle of sticks.

Arithmetic is numbers you squeeze from your head to your hand to your pencil to your paper till you get the answer.

Arithmetic is where the answer is right and everything is nice and you can look out of the window and see the blue sky -- or the answer is wrong and you have to start all over and try again and see how it comes out this time.

If you take a number and double it and double it again and then double it a few more times, the number gets bigger and bigger and goes higher and higher and only arithmetic can tell you
what the number is when you decide to quit doubling.

Arithmetic is where you have to multiply -- and you carry the multiplication table in your head and hope you won't lose it.

If you have two animal crackers, one good and one bad, and you eat one and a striped zebra with streaks all over him eats the other, how many animal crackers will you have if somebody
offers you five six seven and you say No no no and you say Nay nay nay and you say Nix nix nix?

If you ask your mother for one fried egg for breakfast and she gives you two fried eggs and you eat both of them, who is better in arithmetic, you or your mother?


How many mice are there in this pictureSeligor's Castle, Fun for all the Children of the World.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck two
And down he flew,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,Hickory Dickory
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck three
And he did flee,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck four,
He hit the floor,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck five,
The mouse took a dive,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck six,
That mouse, he split,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck seven,
8, 9, 10, 11,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
As twelve bells rang,
The mousie sprang,
Hickory Dickory dock.

Hickory Dickory dock,
"Why scamper?" asked the clock,
"You scare me so
I have to go!
Hickory Dickory dock."

"Our Three Little Pigs" A Piglet, hmmmm.

Our three little pigs
Once met a posh poodle
Who'd won a cup at a show
They sat all day staring
Each one of them hearing
a cheer f0r the poem below.


I'm a poodle called Poppet-a peach of a pet,
(though I let the side down, when I once bit the vet!)
But hastily passing that by, let me say,
I'm greatly improving myself, day by day!

Now poodles are pops, and poppet's my name,
Just show me my ball, and I'm set for a game!
They don't leave me out, when they go for a walk,
'cos I strongly object, in my own doggy talk!

A prize-winning photo appeared in the press,
Of a popular poodle-now only one guess!
A poodle called poppet-the prize pedigree,
(And I'm still in a daze folk, to find it was me!)

an excellent web site for worldly knowledge.


Have you been to see the Russian Pooh Piglet Video at Pooh's Corner, here in the Castle and at Diddilydeedot's Dreamland on Pooh Page. It is also on Dolls and Trolls over at
Dr. Do-Diddily's and the dee-dot's.

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written originally byLjuba Stplova

 Billy loved water. Whenever he was left to himself at home he would always find his way to the bathroom, and that usually meant the ceiling ended up drenched and the floor always flooded, in fact it usually got so bad that the water escaped out the bathroom door and onto the landing. The taps on the bath had always fascinated Billy, he just loved turning them on until the water gushed out and even then he would turn them a little bit more even if it forced them.
        One day he did exactly that, he over did the turning and whoosh! one of the taps flew off like a bullet and a fountain of water shot up into the air, there was water everywhere. Billy stood there, his eyes wide open staring into the water spout. the suddenly, without any warning a little creature popped up from the torrent right in front of Billy. It looked slimy and very wet and it sat crouching in the corner of the bath rolling its eyes at Billy.
       Florida tree frog Billy stared back, "Hm, could be a frog!" he thought. But it wasn't. "Maybe it's a funny type of fish!" But it wasn't. Then all at once Billy remembered a book he had been reading and he then knew what the curious, little, creature was, with its watery eyes and its floppy ears and its tatty coat. It was a WATER SPRITE!
        Then standing back, away from the bath a little he shouted, "Hey you're a water sprite! But the sprite didn't answer he just squirted Billy full on, till he was drenched from head to toe. Billy didn't want any-more  of that and in a flash he was through the bathroom door, slamming it behind him as he left. Then he stood there , very scared, but at the same time he wondered what the water sprite might be up to. He listened hard pressing his ear against the door to see if he could hear anything bad.
        But sad for Billy the water sprite was up to a great deal. He had collected all the things in the room, soap dish, flannels, sponges, tooth-brushes and paste, the mugs, nail brushes, father's best shaving brush and shaving soap, and thrown  them all in the bath and was using them as ships, and to help them sail he sang this cheeky little song.

which is Billy and which is the water sprite'I'm happy to be a water sprite,
I'll live in the bath instead of the pipe.
I'll soak just everything in sight,
So don't disturb me or I'll strike!
This seems like a wonderful place to stay,
I think I'll be very happy here to play
Forever more here I shall reign
Fed by the wonderful water main'

        "What? Stay here in my home for evermore,"  Goodness me, where shall I bathe? Billy was now very frightened, he could hear the noises coming from the bathroom. Poor Billy he was almost near to tears. Then he calmed himself down and ran down the stairs to ask the housekeeper if she would help him.
      He ran as fast as he could, shouting all the time that there was a horrible water sprite in the bathroom going berserk.
       But alas, the housekeeper laughed at him saying, "Oh Billy, whatever will you think of next! Water sprites don't exist."
      Oh please, please come and see," Billy cried, tugging on her apron. And so she went upstairs with him. All this time the water sprie was having a real treat, he was having a great sea battle, so when the housekeeper opened the door, he gave her such a squirt that she also was soaked from head to toe. Then with a spin of her heel she was back on the landing, slamming the door behind her. She turned on Billy and cried out, "You little rascal, how could you make such a horrible trick!"
        "But it wasn't a trick," Billy protested. There is a water sprite honest, look he wet me through as well."
But the housekeeper didn't want to know, go back in please, please," he begged. But it was too late, by the time the housekeeper relented and went to go back in the door was locked.
"You see, it is the water sprite!" Billy shouted triumphantly.
But the housekeeper still thought that it must be another of Billy's tricks and told him to go at once and get the locksmith, he will know how to deal with this.
  "A locksmith to deal with me!  Ha, ha, ha, excuse me for laughing." The water sprite laughed, he didn't seem at all worried, in fact he felt so happy that he began to sing again,

"Water, water, isn't this fun,naughty baby
Both hot and cold I can run.
In so much water I can wallow
It's fresh and clean, tasty to swallow
It's such fun being a water sprite
Don't disturb me or I'll strike.
Forever more here shall I reign
Fed the the great, big water main!"

"A water sprite? You can't be serious" The locksmith spluttered before roaring with laughter when Billy told him. "I think you will find the handle is jammed, but don't worry, come on let's go and see if we can get that door open."
        Meanwhile the sprite was still having a grand time . He had sunk his third ship and was just about to sink the fourth when the locksmith wrenched the door open. He was so annoyed he squirted the locksmith right between the eyes before drenching him completely.
     Poor locksmith , he slammed the bathroom door shut again. He hadn't caught site of the pest who had squirted him and he began to swear and curse. Goodness me what a todo, Billy was to busy trying to remember some of the locksmiths words, to hear the locksmith shouting "You little idiot why did you come for me the locksmith when it is the plumber you need for a burst pipe?
Billy was out the door and up the road to fetch the plumber.
        "A water sprite, did you say?" and he wasn't laughing at all. "That's bad, that's very bad indeed. It won't be easy to get rid of him. Tell me boy how on earth did he get into the bathroom? Did you play around with the taps? Go on you better tell me the truth."
"Yes, yes I did, and one of them flew off." Poor Billy confessed just before bursting into tears.
"Well it's no use you crying lad, that wont make it better. Stop snivelling and bring me a packet of soap flakes."
"Whatever for," Billy sobbed."
But the plumber just told him to stop wasting time asking stupid questions, you will see quite soon enough.
       Plumber, They arrived at Billy's house and there the plumber found a ladder. "Now be quiet, " He said putting his finger to his lips. Climbing the ladder, he reached the bathroom window and carefully he opened it a little before he put his hand with the soapflakes through the gap. The soap flakes fell directly into the bath. Then there was such an explosion of coughing and sneezing and then choking and burbbling that the whole huse seemed to shake.
"Oh my goodness what have you done?" Shouted the housekeeper above the noise. "The house is falling down."
        But of course it wasn't, it was the water sprite trying to escape from the soapy water by running back up the pipe. It was tricky business but he was and away in next to no time.
        Oh thankyou, thankyou. " shouted Billy 
   But the Plumber stared hard at Billy with an angry face. "Well we got rid of him this time but don't you ever, ever play with the taps again."
Billy was so happy that he gladly promised never again to play with the taps again.
    They do say that sometimes when we wash our hands in the water we can still hear the burbbling of the water sprite trying to find someone who will run the water hard and let him back inside to play again.

Born 30th dubna 1930 . April 1930.  She graduated from high school, after two years studying sculpture at UMPRUM.  Study interrupted, she married and for the worse spatial vision had returned to school.  She also made satire and poetry for children.
V roce 1969 vytvořil Jaroslav Němeček Čtyřlístek . In 1969 created Jaroslav Nemecek Čtyřlístek. Ÿtíplová vyhověla žádosti o spolupráci a od 6. Ÿtíplová comply with requests for cooperation and from 6 čísla tvořila pro komiks scénáře. formed a number of comic scenarios. Později se připojili i další autoři.  Věnovala se také dalším dětským knihám nebo scénářům večerníčků .
Later joined other authors. She is also another child's books or screenplays bedtime.Ljuba Stiplova V roce 2008 v rámci udílení výročních cen jí nakladatelství Albatros udělilo cenu za celoživotní práci s dětskou knihou. In 2008 the award annual prizes to her publishing house Albatros presented the award for his lifelong work with children's book. Ljuba Ÿtíplová zemřela 24. Ljuba Ÿtíplová died 24th září 2009 . September 2009.This is of course from Wiki, I wish there was a photo of her I shall wonder off to images and have a look. If you want to find more of her work Pop back into wiki by writing her name in the browser. If you want it in English click on the translator in Google.( I found some!.....)



Enjoy the Honey whilst he still has some left,
Seseme Street Sspecial, from the Golden Story Book


Could it have been,
Pittypat and Tippytoe?
All day long they come and go---
Pittypat and Tippytoe;
   Footprints up and down the hall,
      Playthings scattered on the floor,
   Finger-marks along the wall,
      Tell-tale smudges on the door---
By these presents you shall know
Pittypat and Tippytoe.

How they riot at their play!
And a dozen times a day
   In they troop, demanding bread---
      Only buttered bread will do,
   And the butter must be spread
      Inches thick with sugar too!
And I never can say "No,
Pittypat and Tippytoe!" 

Sometimes there are griefs to soothe,
 Sometimes ruffled brows to smooth;
  For (I much regret to say)
Tippytoe and Pittypat
  Sometimes interrupt their play
  With an internecine spat;
Fie, for shame! to quarrel so---
Pittypat and Tippytoe!

Oh the thousand worrying things
Every day recurrent brings!
   Hands to scrub and hair to brush,
      Search for playthings gone amiss,
   Many a wee complaint to hush,
      Many a little bump to kiss;
Life seems one vain, fleeting show
To Pittypat and Tippytoe!

And when day is at an end,
There are little duds to mend;
Little frocks are strangely torn,
Little shoes great holes reveal,
Little hose, but one day worn
Rudely yawn at toe and heel!
Who but you could work such woe
Pittypat and Tippytoe?

But when comes this thought to me:
"Some there are that childless be,"
  Stealing to their little beds,
  With a love I cannot speak,
  Tenderly I stroke their heads---
  Fondly kiss each velvet cheek.
God help those who do not know
A Pittypat or Tippytoe!

On the floor and down the hall,
Rudely smutched upon the wall,
There are proofs in every kind
  Of the havoc they have wrought,
And upon my heart you 'd find

 Just such trade-marks, if you sought;
Oh, how glad I am tis so,
Pittypat and Tippytoe!

Pittypat and Tippytoe by the wonderful Eugene Field (1850-1895)

 The Fishing Trip.Little Ducks  The Little Fisherman

Down by the river, with the little fishing hut
Sat a little old man and his dog called mut
Angel Fish
They went to the water, were the little fishes swim
And the little old man, threw the little dog in.

He swam to the bottom, floated to the top
turned on his back, kicking flippity flop
down went his nose followed by his tail
gliding through the water like a slippery eel
Angel Fish
Mut stroked down, the trout shot out
the fisherman yelled, then gave a shout
he held out his net and the fish was hooked
All ready to go home, to the pot, and cooked.

Little DucksDiddily Dee Dot ©2007 October 31st


  Sing to the tune of Sing a song of Sixpence

Sing A Song for Mummy

Sing a song for Mummy
Hum a tune for Dad
Play a trick on Gemima
To stop her feeling sad.

Spin a top with Sonia
And push the swing for Jim

Read a book to Uncle George
The one with Tiny Tim.

Say a prayer to Jesus
Ask to make us strong
Help us care for others

And try to do no wrong.

Say a prayer to Jesus,
 Before you sleep tonight.
 Keep all the little children,
 Safe in truth and love and light.

DMS© 2007

Diddilydeedot's<div align= AAROHI

Aarohi was little girl with an obsession for lollypops and chocolates. Her mother all ways used to tell her, " If you don't cut down on eating chocolate and candy, you will get cavities in your teeth. More so as you only brush your teeth once."
Aarohi received the same warning everyday but was wont to ignore it.
One day as Aarohi got ready to go to school; she saw her mother's purse lying on the table. She could not control her temptation and stealthily took out some money and quietly put it in her school bag. As she was stepping out of the house she heard her mother, "Aarohi do not eat chocolate or lollypops or …….."
" I will get cavities in my teeth, more so as I brush them only once." She finished the sentence for her mother.

But mother and daughter burst out laughing and the mother said, "See how sensible my daughter is, she remembers even the words I use in heir correct sequence." Aarohi smiled and left for school.
During recess Aarohi came out from the school and went to a candy shop. There she bought five lollypops, finished two in the shop, and one more on her way back to her class. She carefully kept the remaining two in her school bag.
Aarohi returned home and as her friends were waiting for her, she quickly changed her  clothes, combed her hair and went out to play.

Aarohi's mother took her school bag and was arranging her books when she found the two lollypops in the bag. She took them out and kept it in the cupboard. Aarohi came back late and she and her mother took dinner together. She was now asked by her mother to finish her homework.
Aarohi took her bag and sat down to do her homework but she could not find the two lollipops she had so carefully kept there. She realized that her mother must have found them and taken them away.
Aarohi immediately ran to her mother. She put her head in her mother's lap and began to cry. Feeling guilty she promised her mother, " Mother from now on I will never eat chocolates or lollypops. I am sorry that I stole money from your purse this morning. I promise not to repeat this mistake."
Aarohi's mother smiled and comforted her lovingly. "My dear daughter! I am happy that you have realized your mistake. I will not say anything about it anymore, I do not think that you do not need any more advice. You are indeed very sensible."

These wonderful stories come from the brilliant site of Grandpa, do go and visit it, if you get the chance, you won't regret it.


 Whisky Frisky
Squirrel Whisky

Whisky Frisky, Hippity Hop,
Up he goes, to the tree top!

Whirly, twirly, round and round,
Down he scampers to the ground.

  Furly, Curly, what a tail!
AcornsTall as a tower, broad as a sail!

Where's his supper? In the shell.
Snappy, cracky, out it fell.

DMS © September 2007
Little Mr. Happy

  My Special Day

Monday is the first day of the holidays,
We're going to have fun, for sure.
We'll be with Grand ma every day,
And that never is a bore.

Tuesday she'll let us stay in bed,
As a very special treat.
Cause every other blinking day,
We're swept quiet off our feet.

On Tues afternoon off we go,
To the ballpark in the Strand.
Green ones, blue ones, ladders, shutes,
All in all, just grand.

Wednesday my Dad comes to see us,
And he always brings us sweets.
But Grannie will never give them us,
Until we've ate our teas.

On Thursday we go swimming,
In Wrexham, to the baths,
Grandma doesn't come in the water,
She says we both will laugh.

Then Friday  she takes us shopping, Grand ma
Into town on a double decker bus.
She lets us go to the very top,
But she waits down stairs for us.

Saturday and it's time to go,
Back to our  Dad and Mum.
But Sunday, this is the bestest day
For Granma comes round TO US

Dodie Milnes Sinclair©     2007

Share Dolly having lots of rest Dolly having lots of rest
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The Sick Dolly
(a very short play for a boy and girl.)
the girl is sitting with a dolly in her lap.
The boy enters.

Girl:     Dear Doctor, look at my Dolly, she lies so very still.
             She hasn't moved since yesterday, I fear she's very ill.

Boy:     Dear me! Not moved since yesterday? 'tis a most perculiar case.
             Please hold her up to the light and let me see her face.
             Now put your tongue out, Dolly, and then I'll sound your chest.
             I'll send you a bottle of something that will give you a little rest.

(The little boy sounds the Dolly's chest and gives her back to the little girl)

Girl:     Oh, Doctor dear, don't hurt her, and mind that dreadful crack;
              For the least touch is painful since she broke her little back.

Boy.      Dear, dear! Is her backbone broken? Well - that's serious, I'm sure.
               And I'm bound to tell you, Madam, I ought to have seen her before.

Girl.      Oh, please don't scold me, Doctor! I've had enough to bear
               To think how Dolly suffers and to see her lying there.
               She used to be so pretty, with rosy lips and cheeks,
               She used to say "Pa" and "Ma" but now she never speaks.
               Do you think my darling Dolly will ever get well again?

Boy:        Well, here's my famous plaster to ease her back from pain,
                 And she must take her medicine before and after food.

Girl:       And must I shake the bottle?

Boy:        Oh yes - or 'twill do no good.
                  And you must try and cheer her up and don't give way to sorrow.
                  Give Dolly plenty of medicine  and I'll call again tomorrow

This is an anonymous little play taken from the book
The Junior Reciter's Repertory.

  MMiss Millie and Miss Mollieiss Minnie and Miss Mollie

Miss Minnie and Miss Mollie,
Munched a Mars Bar Made from Milk.
Sweet Sue saw Sulky Sarah,
Swallow Syrup Smooth as Silk.

Bread fo Everyone
Baker Bert and Baker Bobby,
Baked a batch of Buttery Bread.
While Willy, Wayne and Walter,
Wondered Why Wyn Wagged his head.

Rosetta Ran the Relay Race

Running Round and Round the Town.
Natalie Noticed the Gingerbread Men,
Some were white and some were brown

Still, Patrick, Patsy and Paula,
Played with Puppy dogs on the Prom.

Clive and Corinna caught a crawfish,
Then they all went home to mom.

DMS© 2007

Baby Boy in Cradle

Sleep Baby Sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep!
Your father watches the sheep;
Your mother is shaking the dreamland tree,
And down comes a little dream on thee.

Sleep, baby, sleep!
 Sleep, baby, sleep
Our cottage vale is deepbaby in bed
The little lamb is on the green
With snowy fleece so soft and clean
Sleep, baby, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep 

Sleep, baby, sleep
Your father tends the sheep
Your mother shakes the dreamland tree
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee
Sleep, baby, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep

little sleeping child

Sleep, baby, sleep!
The large stars are the sheep;
The little stars are the lambs, I guess;
And the gentle moon is the shepherdess.

 Sleep, baby, sleep!


The Fly has Married the Bumblebee

Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,
The fly has married the humble bee.
Says the fly, says he,
"Will you marry me,
And live with me,
Sweet humble bee?"

Says the bee, says she,

"I'll live under your wing,
And you'll never know
That I carry a sting."
Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,
The fly has married the humble bee.

So when the parson
Had joined the pair,
They both went out
To take the air,
Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,
The fly has married the humble bee.

And the flies did buzz,
And the bells did ring -
Did ever you hear
So merry a thing?
Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,
The fly has married the humble bee.

And then to think
That of all the flies
The humble bee
Should carry the prize.
Fiddle-de-dee, Fiddle-de-dee,

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