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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
Tilly Teapot

This is Toby's Bucket

     Tilly and Toby were very excited.

Tilly's young nephew was having fancy dress par
This is Tilly's Tea Potty for his birthday and a clown to entertain them.

"We will have to go and get our costumes before the weekend."
Tilly said. "What do you want to be?"

 "I'm not sure, I have never been to a fancy dress party before!" replied Toby.

"Then we shall go on the bus to town and look what they have in the shop."

They thought it was best to leave Candy and Sweetie at home in Tilly's Teapot.
Can you see Toby and Tilly on the Bus?
Then they went to catch the bus.

Here comes the bus, they were just in time.
                Can you see Tilly and Toby on the bus?
Can you tell me what colour the bus is?
                                         Yes you were right. It is red.

It was only a short trip into the town and Tilly and Toby were soon getting off the bus and making their way to
 the special shop that sells clothes for dressing up in.

Soon they were inside the shop and looking around all the good things there were to put on.
Toby is a Cowboy and Tilly is a Cowgirl.
It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for..

Can you see what they are dressed in?
Why Toby is a Cowboy and Tilly she is a cowgirl with a lasso and a mask.
I wonder if people will know who she is?

Tilly and Toby in the cafe
They had their clothes wrapped up and then they went to the cafe for a cup of tea and some chips and sausage before going back home.

After they had finished their lunch they caught the bus back home and were greeted by Candy and Sweetie their puppy dogs. Goodbye Toby, Goodbye Tilly
The dogs had been so good that Tilly and Toby took them for a walk as a reward

I will have the party pictures finished by tomorrow, I shall scan them and they will be ready to go into a new story very soon I hope...

From Mr Benn to Button Moon, Fraggle Rock, Willo the Wisp, Happy Feet, Fireman Sam, oh gosh and loads more. Twenty Eight all together. Night, night for now
Diddilydeedot in Dreamland

There is another story ready as well for Halloween, ghost and witches, cauldrons and spiders. he he


          The door of Toby's bucket house burst open and in bustled Tilly Teapot, with little Sweetie pie following behind her.They sat at the table to read the paper
 "Goodness me!" said Toby jumping up from the table, almost knocking his coco-pops onto the floor.
"What is the matter Tilly?" he said pulling a chair out so she could sit down.
"Anyone would think you had a boogie man after you
! What on earth has happened."
        Tilly sat down and took the cup of tea Toby had poured for her. Slowly, very slowly she caught her breath and started to drink her tea.
"Oh Toby, Toby," she said.
 "Here read this." and she pressed a piece of paper into Toby's hand.
He read it out  loud;

Ivor the Engine "Ivor will be returning over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.
 Come along and meet him!"

"Goodness me! he exclaimed, "what do you think, shall we go?" A huge smile spread across his face.
"Well of course," Tilly said, draining her teacup, "but we will have to set off very soon if we want to get there early."
Toby frowned and looked down at the paper again. "Oh my goodness, (It was definitely a Toby  'Goodness' day." It is due to start at mid da
"I know! I know! Tilly exclaimed. "How long will it take us to get there?

     Toby frowned and went to the cupboard for his map book. The two of them sto
od over the table for a few minutes. Tobies Land Rover when they went fishing
"Come on then, we better get ready. Don't forget to bring Sweetie Pie's collar and lead. oh yes and a towel, incase it rains later." Toby smiled and Tilly headed for the door.
Sweetie Pie had made herself comfy next to Candy, as soon as the w
ords 'collar and lead' were mentioned.
"Can you be ready in an hour Till? I have to take the fishing tackle out of the Rover, get myself ready and we can be off about ten-ish"
"No problem," Tilly said a big smile on her face. "If we're ready soon enough, we could go over World's End. What do you think?"
"I think that is an excellent idea, now shoo go get yourself ready." And he shooed Tilly out the door, picked up his keys and went to clear out the Land Rover.

        Toby and Tilly were that used to just taking off, it never took them long to get ready at all, and by 10.15, they were in the vehicle, and driving up the road to Coedpoeth.
   Candy and Sweetie began by arguing who was first to hang their head out the window. Sweetie won, as usual. They weren't allowed the outside
not quite Toby's Land Rover :)window opened, because of the  passing traffic.
Tilly began to sing, 'the wheels of the bus," and they were on there way to see Ivor the Engine in Llangollen.
"Part two after the usherette has been round with the ice cream and lollies.
I think I shall have me a White Magnum. Yummy I love them, what are you having?"

 This is the stories of IVOR THE ENGINE. yes children he really did exist. He lived not far away from Seligor when she was a little girl, and I know that my three brothers and sister were great fans of this little ENGINE CALLED IVOR. Of course, in Welsh the name Ivor is written as Ifor, which is pronounced Evor, all very strange. But then so is my Seligor.
I do hope you enjoy these little stories. You might know of Oliver Postgate, it was him who wrote the book's as well as many other cartoon characters that you see around today. I know I have an idea

OLIVER POSTGATE left this world a few months back, he thought it was time they had some new stories and films in the houses of Heaven. I am sure he would be really pleased for us to dedicate this video show to him and say a big thankyou for all the pleasure he has given us. xxx THANKYOU OLIVER xxx

Over the Easter weekend, we were pleased to be able to host the UK's first officia apprearance of Ivor the Engine. Ivor is a specially overhauled locomotive, that has been re-built to represent the favourite childrens character. Unfortunately, Ivor was not able to steam over the weekend. The good news is that Ivor is due to return to us in July, when he will hopefully be able to pull trains.

   Chapter Two

Well what did you think of Ivor the Engine, I was wondering if any of you haIvor the Engineve been on the little train that goes up Snowdonia in Gwynedd North Wales. It's not far from Blaenae Ffestiniog where the Coal mines are open to the public as well. I remember my first visit with the school. I do believe you don't have to dig for coal now, that you can pay for your ride into the caverns. Wink

So where were we, oh yes singing the wheels on the bus with Tilly and Toby and oth Candy and Sweetie hiding under the car blanket, cos the noise was so bad.
"Toby, how much further is it to Llangollen, it looks an awful long way in this map book?"
"That's because it is a big scale, that's all." Toby grinned. "We will only be about another ten minutes and then you will be able to see the town."
"Oh gosh, I am so excited. I love to see the old steam engines, all those puffs of steam going up into the clouds, oh it's beautiful Toby, really beautiful."
     Tilly leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes to the beautiful scenery that they were diving through, she was soon dreaming of Ivor. Toby carefully steered the Land Rover, making sure not to go over any big bumps. On his left the trees were growing tall and he knew that it wouldn't be long till they hit the T junction.

And there it was right to go towards the Horseshoe Pass, and left to go into the town of Llangollen and the railway station. He indicated to go left, they would be going back over the Pass but not until they had seen Ivor the Engine.
They were going to be early and Toby was pleased because it meant they could eat their picnic that Tilly had put together and take Candy and Sweetie for a quick walk and a wee!
Tilly woke up just as Toby pulled into the layby by the park. Putting the leads on the dogs, then picking up the poopper scooper and some paper they went through the gate and along the path were the bins were to dispose of any accidents.
Then when the dogs had enjoyed a small walk they went into the main park and sat a a table to have their picnic.
      "Oh yummy," Toby said as Tilly started taking all good things out of the basket.
Toby reached acroos and opened the flask. It all looked just right and would you believe it, Tilly had even made sure to add some spare chicken and good things, (chewy stuff) for the dogs. Their tails wagged like mad and candy even had the cheek to bark at a little Snoopy dog, left his own picnic and wanted some of his chicken.Embarassed
little divil.
       "What time is it Toby, I remembered everything else but forgot my watch." She laughed.
 "Time we were putting everything away I think. Come on you two," he said to the dogs. "Back to the Land Rover with you." It wasn't long till the dogs were back in the vehicle and Toby had found a parking place near to the railway line. Soon they were sitting on the platform  waiting for mid-day to arrive and Ivor the Engine with it. Tilly bought a couple of postcards so they could send some to their friends in England and Sara Salt up in Scotland.
Do you like them, here is one of Ivor the Engine and how he has been rebuilt so the children of today can see him for real again.
Ivor at his home station

Although at first sight this is a side tank loco, it is in fact  a typical Peckett saddle tank but with cosmetic side sheets built down to the running board.
 With additional whistles and other details, this permits the loco to masquerade as the fictitious

 Ivor the Engine– M&LRTC Ltd signifies Merioneth Llantisilly Rail Traction Co. Ltd. &
 Following a complete refit and overhaul the loco is a lively performer despite her size.


You must all know that Thomas the Tank Engine also has a special Train made up to look just like him. he comes to Llangollen alot as well. I used to love the old steam engines, but it is 50 years since we had lots here in the UK. Diddily takes both of her dog;'s down are old railway track for their daily walk. Well they walk with her Peter while I ride on my posh wheelchair. It's a wee bit bumpy but it's a beautiful walk...
/ ride (hehe)
This is what it looks like now, maybe not so green as this was taken a couple of years ago.
It has all been relaid now, which I love because I missed going for my walks.

I think that this is quite a good place to stop for tonight, because....
...     On their way back home that went through the famous Horseshoe Pass, and something happened that was not what they expected at all.... However I will show you another one of Tilly's Postcards.... I will hopefully be here tomorrow. Take care Diddilydeedot.xxx
The Perilous Horse Shoe Pass. Llangollen

I really don't fancy them riding their bikes down the pass, but I really hope that they are not going to ride back up. oh dear me... dangerous that you know!Smile

 Night, night,  hugs, sleep well xxx Diddily xxx

The snow lay thick on the ground. Toby and Tilly had only been home from the Alps a week but already Toby was getting fed up with all the snow.
Tilly had got a cold and she couldn't go out, in fact doctor had come to visit her in the teapot.
Toby put a hot water bottle in her bed, and made her a hot drink of blackcurrent and lemon.Tilly in bed with bad cold
you see poor Tilly in bed, she is already warming her feet on the hot water bottle.
The Doctor said Tilly had a bad cold, but at least it wasn't flu, but she must still stay in bed for at least five days, when her tablets and medicine would be finished.

"Five whole days!" spluttered Toby, as he tidied around Tilly's bedroom for her before he took Candy and Sweetie Pie out for a walk.
Then making sure she didn't want anything else he took Sweetie Pie on her lead over to fetch Candy.
Shush now I think Tilly is going to sleep; we mustn't wake her up.
  Before leaving for their walk Toby went back to his bucket-home to put on his warm coat and hat.
Then he put the little coats on Candy and Sweetie Pie and they were off to the park to feed the ducks.
Here they are just coming up to the park gate.
Look children, can you see the holly berries on the big holly tree?.

Toby! Can you see what the notice says?
Keep dogs on leads
Toby already knowshe must keep Candy and Sweetie Pie on their leads. If they didn't they might chase the ducks and the swans, and that wouldn't be good.

Toby feeds the ducks and swansAfter feeding the ducks and swans and a few  wild sparrows and chaffinches Toby said it was to cold to stay out and so they all went back to see how Tilly was feeling.
However Tilly was still asleep so he took the dogs with him back to his home for a nice cup of tea and piece of cake.
And the Candy and Sweetie both had a nice big bone to gnaw on whilst they waited for Tilly to Wake up.

   TOBY and TILLY go to the Mountains

It had been a very long Christmas.
Tilly and Toby decided that they would go away.

There was a lot of frost .  Toby wanted to see the snow.

The roads were too icy to drive.
Tilly suggested that they take her balloon.
Great Balloon Festivalaybe take Candy and Sweetie Pie with them .

But Toby had got a surprise for Tilly.     Can you see what it is?
It is a poster advertising a grand balloon festival.
Toby had arranged a special balloon trip.

Which balloon do you think Toby has chosen for them?

Could it be the fish?

Could it be the duck or maybe even the heart?

They chose the Turtle. Wow can you see them, they have taken off already
They can see snow on the ground already.

Soon they will be over the snow covered mountains

"Look! Tilly Look!" Shouted Toby!

There was a huge balloon over the mountains.

"Will we be going over there too Toby?"
Tilly shouted.

They had to shout for the wind was very sharp and they had muffs on there ears to keep them warm.

"Maybe Tilly, we will follow the others?"

"Gosh Toby!" laughed Tilly. "Look at that man, he must be very cold."

Just then the balloon started to decend.

Then they were meeting up with all the other balloonist for lunch in a mountain log cabin.

The weather changes very quick in the mountains, and before  they had finished eating  a message on the loud speaker told them that all flying was cancelled, a blizzard was due very soon.

Alas Toby and Tilly could not stay and when the blizzard blew over they had to take the chair lift down to the bottom . 

It wasn't long before they were back to the village, with the Mountains behind them.

Tomorrow they would head back home to Sweetie Pie and Candy.
Tilly and Toby are taking to the ice for a skate before they go in for the night .


difference 1difference 3difference 2Hello I'm Toby Bucket

TOBY'S HOME LOOKS LIKEToby Bucket and his Dog

      When it's complete
the real thing

Say hello to Candy  and Sweetie Pie
Candy Puppy
before you go.
    blue left daisy Toby goes over to Tilly's Teapot.TOBY BUCKET and TILLY TEAPOT
                    Fly away for a PICNIC .

Toby got up early.
Tilly is flying them up to Scotland for a picnic in Loch Lomond.

They are flying there in Tilly's hot air balloon.salad
Sarah Salt
It is Tilly's friend, Sarah Salt's Birthday today.

They are taking her a special wee present. I wonder what it is?

I think you might find it in the next box down.
Toby and Tilly are wondering if you would like to come to their picnic birthday tea party?

You would, fantastic, but it will mean you will have to come over to the next page down.
See you there in a few minutes then, :) :) bye bye for now

Sara Salt has a Wonderful Birthday Picnic.

Sara was so excited, she could see the balloon in the  sky.
"Hello Sara" shouted Tilly. "You look like a
little flea from up here." she laughed.
Sarah and Toby arrive at Sara's Mountain.
"Who have you got with you?" Sara shouted back.
"This is Toby Bucket, he is my best friend from Wales."
Tilly and Toby start to lay the picnic table xx
The air balloon landed in an open space.
 Tilly made sure it was tied safely to a tree stump after she had turned off the burner.
Sara thought the air balloon was really lovely.

Toby began to fetch small baskets and then a large box out of the balloon's basket. Tilly began to lay the picnic out on the grass.
Just look at all the good things they had bought with them.


The girls and Toby sat in the field and ate their picnic.

Soon it was all gone and it was time for them to leave, but not before Tilly and Toby went to get Sara's present out of the basket.

It was quite a big box.  Tilly had to open the basket door.Two little sheep for Sara's Birthday.
Sara wondered what could be inside it.   
Toby dragged the box onto the grass and pulled up a panel at one end. Sara's eyes grew wide in amazement as out trotted two little sheep.

Sara was so happy, now she had friends for her pet cows

What a wonderful Picnic Sara Salt said.
We must say goodbye to Sara now children.

"Goodbye Sara."

"Goodbye Tilly."

"Goodbye Toby, I hope we see you all again soon."

"Goodbye Children where ever you are, goodbye. xxx


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