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Sat, 26 Nov 2011
Crocodile Tears, a very strange little tale written by Stephen Southwold.

by Stephen Southwold.

      "The first thing I remember about  anything at all." said the India Rubber Crocodile, "was opening my eyes early one fine morning, and finding myself on a chair by the bedside of a little boy who was fast asleep.
"With me on the chair were a box of lead soldiers (very fierce, ugly fellows they were, and I didn't want anything to do with them); a teddy bear, who kept rolling his eyes at me in a very frightful fashion; a clockwork engine that I knew would run over me in a minute; and a - and a - and ---- " (Here he began to sob, and he made such queer gulping noises that I grew alarmed.)
     "Do stop crying," I said at last, "or you'll make me cry too. And a what was it you were going to say?"
"And a beautiful pink doll baby," he managed to say after a while. "Beautiful, pink and shiny. Of course I fell in love with her at once. And you would have done too, So I crept very close to her and began to whisper to her. She was very pleased to see me, and we had such a happy, jolly talk.
     "The teddy-bear tried to interrupt several times,, but at last i puffed myself up and hissed at him so fiercely that he fell off the chair in alarm.
He fell on the floor with such a bump that the little boy woke up, and as soon as he saw us he gave such a squeal of delight, and took us all into bed with him.
     "He seemed to like the teddy-bear and the soldiers best, but I did not care. I just snuggled down under the clothes with my little pink darling and told her about all the brave deeds I would do for her sake. She did not say much, but she looked so sweetly at me that I knew she was pleased. And then that terrible boy jumped out of the bed like an elephant with kangaroo legs, seized me in one hand, and my beautiful doll in the other and away we went into a room where there was a bath of water.
"He threw us in with a splash, and in another moment he was in with us. " I just loved it, but my poor little beauty seemed very strange and quiet; and when the boy had gone out and left us both lying by the side of the bath I understood her unhappiness.
" Oh, it was dreadful! She was no longer beautiful, her dear face was all washed away, and indeed she was only half as big as she had been.
     "  All that day, and during the night as well, we lay there, I tried to comfort her.
     " Just as the sun rose next morning she seemed a little more cheerful, when in came that dreadful boy again.
"  By the time he had finished washing my beautiful one was no more than a tiny little round knob.
   "Later in the day he took us both into the garden, and placing my poor one in a mug, he stirred her round and round and round, and then with a magic pipe he turned her into a great silver balloon, which glittered in the sun, and then flew up into the air, away and away for ever.
    "And I have never seen her since," he finished, beginning to cry again.
And the tears ran down his face so fast that had they not been crocodile's tears, they would have flooded the bathroom.

                    CryCryCry     CryCryCry      CryCryCry

Dreadful boy in the bath

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