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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Tue, 28 Jan 2014
Welcome to Seligor's Castle & Diddily's Dreamland
Hello, my name is Seligor & Diddilydeedot

and I live in Pontybodkin in North Wales U.K.

     I am here to bring enjoyment into the lives of Children and their Parents, no matter how old they are or become. There is always time for a story my old gran used to say, and I think she was right. So now that you've met me I will tell you a bit about myself and my family.
This is my  home on the right. I live in Pontybodkyn in North Wales with my husband Peter who also helps with the stories because it is he who suggests things for me to write about, his latest idea is the story of two Badgers, I shall have finished it soon and when  I've finished the pictures I shall put it on for you to read. 

Grand ChildrenMy youngest grand daughter, she is called Molly Jae and you will get to know her very well for I will often use her picture in the stories. Remember if you would like a story yourself, just send me an email of what you want your story to be about and I will try my best to make it exciting. I am not very good at drawing though I did discover that I could draw the little characters for the Googlenok stories.

It was also Molly Jay who started to call me Diddily Dee Dot, which in turn bought about this story book. Next to that is a small part of my garden where I write a lot of my stories. I am surrounded by animals and birds, and don't worry, for I am sure you will meet them all in time.

So do come between my pages and read the stories.
Your guide to the pages are all listed to your left, just click on them and you can be taken to story time.


A Special Day In The Shire

Princess Cornflower woke up and looked out the window. 

Meanwhile  her father the king was also gazing out the window. When suddenly a big smile spread over his face and he began to stroke his beard at the same time as he was looking.

"Hm m I wonder!" He said. "Yes I think so, it must be time for another Special Day."

Willowdown's Rhythm and Rhymes

GoblinI will keep these web pages for Willowdown's Rhymes.
For as you already know not all children's rhymes have to begin with
Hey Diddle Diddle or Humpty Dumpty,
they can be far more serious and funny at the same time.
Not just a rhyme but a funny verse, which is also called prose.

Some times it rhymes and sometimes it doesn't.
Here you will find all sorts of Rhymes each one with its own Rhythm.
Have fun and don't despair, remember they are only stories, not real, listen to the Rhythm :) :)

  A St David’s Day OutDragon
Oh my, here is a story about a family of Dragons who live in Snowdonia,

oh you already know them. My  you are lucky. xx

The White Peacock


The story of Misti and Gily who are doomed to be apart forever. Will they ever find happiness.       

Dexter thinking

Dexter the Dragon and the Ogre's Battle,

When Dexter left his cave to find somewhere nice to live, he didn't expect to be

fighting an Ogre to save the village of Grassmongle.


 Fiona had been requested by the King to collect the teeth from the children. Unfortunately the weather turned really cold and Fiona found herself caught up a washing line with here fragile wings firmly stuck with the heavy frost. and   

The Flower and the Star.flower

A flower said to a star:
"Oh beautiful and wondrous star,
shining like a radiant pulsing jewel in the night,
what wonderful things do you see from your vantage on high?"

"Everything is dark, " said the star.
"You are close to God," said the flower.
"Tell me, O splendid orb of blazing brightness,
how is it to burn in glory, in such close proximity
to the angels and the divine?
"It is cold," said the star.


Wilma's Wishes
Poor Wilma, she was so fed up, she had turned her cat into a weasel,
the bats had gone to Africa and the Dragons were in Switzerland skiing.

What was she going to do, poor Wilma?


OF PEPPERMINT LARKS AND GOBLINS Of Peppermint Larks and Goblins.King of the Goblins

:-The Golden Age of Mallie-Ann Sparks was filled with dolls and peppermint larks. now this is a bit different from the normal story. Written by my friend Willowdown. It is a wonderful story, really for the  child who has mastered the art of reading, or a wonderful parent who love's fairy stories. (with a trace of Goblin of course.)


Porridge and Tangerines, first chapter in the wonderful life of the Peppercorn Green Googlenok's. This is their first try at hosting the Peppercorn Games though slightly more erratic, especially with the  Hope Triplets let loose.



 The Cat and the Hairy Goblin is the story of a cat and a hairy goblin....or is it?

The Cat is for real and the Goblin thinks he's for real. But is he?
Well let's read on and find out shall we,
a lovely story for the younger goblin reader.
The Picture at the side here is of a real fighting goblin, doesn't he look fierce?

from the treasuryMARY ELIZABETH
This is a little story about a young beggar girl, her name was Mary Elizabeth and she lived at the same time as Queen Victoria. It was not easy for children in Victorian Times and many children died of starvation or terrible illnesses. Many children worked in the coal and steel mines, especially in my country Wales and up in the North of England. Charles Dickens wrote an awful lot about the poor families, and a lot of his stories were based on real people that he knew about.

Enjoy Mary Elizabeth, she was a very brave little girl

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