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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Wed, 11 Jan 2012
I did mention making up a Winnie the Pooh Alphabet poem so I shall now show it you all. Enjoy Seligor xxx

 Pooh's Alphabet

Aa:      Pooh Bear likes A apples  but not as much as honey.
                                                   He likes to have lots of both in his tummy !

Bb:     Christopher Robin does like your  Boat   Pooh Bear.
                                                          Are you taking him out somewhere?

Cc:  Do you know who loves C carrots?  It's Rabbit you know.
                                              But did you know he likes lettuce and playing in snow.
Dd: Is for Disney and  Dancing and Darby
                                                             Goodness me children! Soon we'll have Barbie!

Ee:     Who else but  Eeyorewould be feeling so down -
                                            When with all those balloons, he should smile like a clown.

Ff:  Friends Forever Friends Forever Piglet and Pooh
Eeyore and Kanga, Tigger and Roo.

Gg:   Is for Gopher who arrived in the wood
He has a Grandfather who is oft' in a mood
Hh:    Heffelump we just love the film you made with the Pooh and his
Which we watch in Dreamland and the Castle with our friends

Ii:  Ice is for skatingwith bumps and falls Tigger
and eeyore in the snow
Tigger and Eeyore are playing snow balls.

Jj:   Is for a Jar of cookies or Jam or Money or even Hunny
And why because it's yummy, yum, yummy.

Kk:   Pooh with a KITE.Pooh Bear flies his Kite on a windy day,
I wonder if anyone else is at play.

Ll:   Is for laughter and living  Loving with Pooh
Bearand Lovin,
In Hundred Acres Woods with Christopher Robin.

Mm:   Is for Movies and Pooh in
one of his many filmsPooh's been in many
There is a new one arriving in the year Twenty Eleven

Nn:  Is for Numbers in Cross Stitch so smart
               Now we have Pooh Bear
showing us some art.Pooh and Piglet sleeping

Oo:   Twit-Twoo, Twit-Twoo Owl has a packet under his wing too.
Could it be another present for Pooh, if not, then WHOOOOOO.

Pp:  Piglet
and Pooh and balloons are floating down or is it up,
Shall we ask Pooh why everyone has parcels?

Qq:  Look it's Pooh, Tigger
and Darby they are very smart today, This is Queen Pepper of Peppercorn Green
        Is it tomorrow Christopher Robin is going with Alice to see the Queen ?

Time for a wee break I'm sure we need a little Winnie song and dance.

Rr:  I love little I Love little Roo he has such a happy smile,SmileEeyores bow
                                               He thinks Eeyore's red bow has plenty of style

Ss: Swimming it is for Piglet and Pooh are about to go Swimming in the river,
I think that are glad that they don't see that Tigger
Tigger comes
      Tt: And here he is, can it just be, a Bouncing Tigger come for Tea
He'll bounce on the ceiling and the floor, then bounce Eeyore out the door.

Uu:   Up on the Up on the
cliffat the end of the day,
Then Under the Moon we'll make our way, back home.

Piglet loves Pooh with his heart
Vv:   Violets and Vegetables, Rabbit and Owl loves them both
But Pigle
t Loves Pooh Bear better than most.

Ww:   What else can the W Winnie the Poohmean but Hooray for Winnie. .
Xxxxxxxxxx is for kissesLots of Kisses for Pooh and his Gang
Yy:    Why it is some ones So it is some ones birthday after all Whose do you think it was?
It was Eeyores I'm sure !
I will pop this picture on later for you to print and draw.

Zzzz Pooh
says goodnight every bodyEVERY BODY
Posted 10:06

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