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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
Shadwell's Day


by Stephen Southwold.

      "The first thing I remember about  anything at all." said the India Rubber Crocodile, "was opening my eyes early one fine morning, and finding myself on a chair by the bedside of a little boy who was fast asleep.
"With me on the chair were a box of lead soldiers (very fierce, ugly fellows they were, and I didn't want anything to do with them); a teddy bear, who kept rolling his eyes at me in a very frightful fashion; a clockwork engine that I knew would run over me in a minute; and a - and a - and ---- " (Here he began to sob, and he made such queer gulping noises that I grew alarmed.)
     "Do stop crying," I said at last, "or you'll make me cry too. And a what was it you were going to say?"
"And a beautiful pink doll baby," he managed to say after a while. "Beautiful, pink and shiny. Of course I fell in love with her at once. And you would have done too, So I crept very close to her and began to whisper to her. She was very pleased to see me, and we had such a happy, jolly talk.
     "The teddy-bear tried to interrupt several times,, but at last i puffed myself up and hissed at him so fiercely that he fell off the chair in alarm.
He fell on the floor with such a bump that the little boy woke up, and as soon as he saw us he gave such a squeal of delight, and took us all into bed with him.
     "He seemed to like the teddy-bear and the soldiers best, but I did not care. I just snuggled down under the clothes with my little pink darling and told her about all the brave deeds I would do for her sake. She did not say much, but she looked so sweetly at me that I knew she was pleased. And then that terrible boy jumped out of the bed like an elephant with kangaroo legs, seized me in one hand, and my beautiful doll in the other and away we went into a room where there was a bath of water.
"He threw us in with a splash, and in another moment he was in with us. " I just loved it, but my poor little beauty seemed very strange and quiet; and when the boy had gone out and left us both lying by the side of the bath I understood her unhappiness.
" Oh, it was dreadful! She was no longer beautiful, her dear face was all washed away, and indeed she was only half as big as she had been.
     "  All that day, and during the night as well, we lay there, I tried to comfort her.
     " Just as the sun rose next morning she seemed a little more cheerful, when in came that dreadful boy again.
"  By the time he had finished washing my beautiful one was no more than a tiny little round knob.
   "Later in the day he took us both into the garden, and placing my poor one in a mug, he stirred her round and round and round, and then with a magic pipe he turned her into a great silver balloon, which glittered in the sun, and then flew up into the air, away and away for ever.
    "And I have never seen her since," he finished, beginning to cry again.
And the tears ran down his face so fast that had they not been crocodile's tears, they would have flooded the bathroom.
Dreadful boy in the bath


barrow boyShare
And so the first rhyme I am  adding, is quite old before 1939, and it is called
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 The book  is called Things New and Old, a Reading for Action Book for schools all those years ago. It was my mothers book, she bought it from a book seller GOULDS in West Kirby, Liverpool. way back before WWII.

 Cat's Meat

Ho, all you cats in all the street;
Look out, it is the hour of meat:
come on Ginger!
The little barrow is crawling along,
And the meat-boy growling his fleshy song.

Hurry, Ginger ! Hurry, White !
Don't delay to court of fight.

Wandering Tabby, vagrant Black,,
Yamble from adventure back !

Slip across the shining street,
Meat ! Meat ! Meat ! Meat !

Lift your tail and dip your feet ;
Find your penny - Meat ! Meat !

Where's your mistress?  Learn to purr :
Pennies emanate from her.

Be to her, for she is Fate,
Perfectly affectionate.

(You, domestic Pinkie-Nose,
Keep inside and warm your toes.)

Flurry, flurry in the street -
Meat ! Meat ! Meat ! Meat !

       Harold Monro.

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Oscar the cat

The Cat and the Hairy Goblin is the story of a cat and a hairy goblin....or is it?
 The Cat is for real and the Goblin thinks he's for real. But is he?

Well let's read on and find out shall we, a lovely story for the younger goblin reader.

Shadwell sat on top of the wardrobe..
 The Hairy Goblin

Shadwell comes to Perth.

    The green hairy goblin sat on top of the wardrobe. He was sitting there with squint eyes peering through the darkness, looking down on the sleeping children.
Dash it! How he wanted to get down there on their clean, tidy beds and cause havoc, but alas he couldn't, for as well as the two children in the beds there was at the bottom of the bed, curled up on the Ottoman lay Oscar.
   The big black and white cat lay curled up in a ball, his head tucked in between its front paws. To some it may look as if he was fast asleep, but Oscar knew different as he squinted through an half open eye at the mangy goblin. Oscar watched the goblin through half closed eyes
"Shadwell he called himself, Shadwell the hairiest goblin in the whole of Fladdabister, that is where he claimed he came from, Oscar growled, "as if!He had only been in the house a few days and he had already caused so much trouble poor Oscar;
It was Oscar that got the blame for drinking all the milk, it was Oscar who was accused of stealing the bacon off the masters plate and who was it that was thrown outside into the pouring rain when the fish bowl was found on its side on the living room floor? Yes Oscar and we should all know who the cannabal was. Yes, Shadwell, he had knocked over the fish bowl, eaten the fish and then ran up the stairs out of the way.
Oscar however had took this opportunity to trap him upstairs for the children were away for the weekend and Shadwell had remained trapped in their bedroom for the past three days.
Shadwell, was very angry but he was certain that the dam cat,  especially a sasanach one was ever going to get the best of Shadwell the hairiest goblin on the Shetland Isle.
Shadwell nodded his head up and down, he knew the cat was awake, he knew that he was planning some awful revenge for the trouble he had got him into over the demise of the fish.
Shadwell smiled to himself then started to giggle out loud as he remembered the scene . There he was watching from the top of the tall dresser when Mrs Goodie came into the living room. Her scream, then her swearing, then her anger as she scoured the house searching for the damned cat.   Poor Oscar  he had to sleep outside for two days in the outside loo, whichPoor Oscar apart from smelling like an outside loo, contained more bottles than the bathroom, a smelly old floor mop, the mop bucket, two old kitchen mats and half a dozen toys of some discription that the children weren't allowed to bring into the house.
So as you can imagine when he was eventually let back in to the house it was soley to find Shadwell and rip his eyes out.
    And here we are three days later. Shadwell glanced at the clock, "oh no, look at the time," Only a few crispshe had to make his escape before the children woke up.
"Dash it," Shadwell muttered, "this truely must have been the stupidest place to hide." He was starving hungry, he had found some odd bits and pieces of food that the children had bought up stairs and left, and a few sips of cola, that had been left on the radiator. This was not very nice, it tasted more like vinigar then coke, he was not a very gobby goblin at all. He looked back at the cat who was still asleep.
Oscar walked over to the door, no way was he going to escape that way.Oscar however was not sleeping, he had one eye open watching Shadwell's every move. He was smiling that big Cheshire Cat smile that Alice in Wonderland knew all about. He turned away from Shadwell's gaze and jumped down off the Ottoman. Deliberately he walked over to the door and lay down in front of it like a  pussycat door stop, his tail swaying backwards and forwards.
Shadwell moved closer to the front of the wardrobe, the children were Shadwell felt strange but safe from Oscarstill sleeping but it was almost time for their alarms to go off.
If he didn't get out of the room before the kids woke up, the door would be closed and who knows when he would get the chance to escape again, just him and the crazy cat. He shuddered then slowly Shadwell moved towards the back of the wardrobe, he quietly let himself drop over the side and onto the chair that had Elizabeth's clothes on. He crouched down and slithered onto the floor, followed by Elizabeth's shirt.  Somehow the shirt managed to plonk itself ontop of Shadwell's head and he smiled as he realised that he was now a walking shirt, he looked like a pink blancmange as he  manouver his way under the bed without Oscar noticing him.
Suddenly there was a loud crash as the books that were balanced on the end of Rodricks bed crashed to the floor. Oscar who must have been dozing again, sprang up on all fours, clacked his head on the door handle and lay thereBooks quite unconscious.
Shadwell heaved a sigh of relief and made a dash for it. He was under the bed and out the otherside in a flash.One leap and he was up on the windowsill, his hand on the latch ready to open it.
He stopped to get his breath back... bad mistake, something grabbed him around the neck. He froze, not even an eye blinked yet he could feel the nails digging into his flesh.
Shadwell in his lungota"Elizabeth, when did you get this new doll thingy?"
Rodrick asked the waking Elizabeth.
Shadwell gasped and held his breath, "doll thingy, he had become a doll thingy over night."
"What new doll thingy?" Elizbeth answered, "I haven't had a new doll nor a thingy in ages." she giggled.
"Maybe Clare left it here when she came over yesterday, I don't know, I'm not even awake properly yet."
"It a bit weird looking, not at all like a normal doll, more like one of those Gremlin things," Rodrick added looking the goblin up and down.
Shadwell felt a pain in his head,  He'd been reduced to a doll and then to a Gremlin in two seconds flat.
Rod threw poor Shadwell back onto the bed, the shirt slipped off and he lay there with just a lungota around his end bits.
"It looks more like something out of a comic or horror film," he added, "not even Clare would like this ugly creature." Poor Shadwell almost died of shock.
Oh how horrible," Elizabeth said picking him up and turning him this way and that.
"It's definitely not Clare's, you couldn't forget seeing this in a hurry, he is so, soMr Goodie brought many freebies home ugly," she turned Shadwell over as if she was inspecting a prize potato or something at the Perth Show.
"Hold on there's a label here, I'll see what it says, you know dad, he probably picked it up on his last run over to the Shetlands."
"She straightened the label out and tried to read it. "It's no good the writing is to small and I didn't bring my glasses up last night. Here you go Rod, you have a look?" she added.
Elizabeth handed it over to Roderick, he took the traumatised Shadwell over to the window, he had no idea why, for it was still quite dark outside.
Roderick held him out at arms length "I don't believe it, now it looks more like a wizened old man, a wizard, goblin even."
Oscar shook his head he was still half unconsciousShadwell smiled and looked up, "Recognition at last, "About time too he said under his breath."
It's no good I can't see a thing in this light." Roderick said as he threw Shadwell back on to the bed and put the main light on.
"What's the matter with you, you daft cat, are you alright mate? " He bent down and gave Oscar a stroke under the chin. Oscar was still not sure what day it was but it seemed to do the trick, he jumped back up on the ottoman and stood there his tail  swishing backwards and forwards in temper, his slant eyes watching every movement that Shadwell did or didn't make.He shook his head, jumped up on the ottoman and watched Shadwell through slanted eyes.
Poor Shadwell he didn't know what to do."Well you were right about Dad, Liz, he must have bought it back with him. It says here that.....  hold on I'll read it all out to you, though how on earth it came to be up here without Dad saying something I'll never know." Roderick added.
"It says, "this is one of the new collection of Mythical Beasts given free with Ferrington Ferries, this Goblin is only found in Fladdabister on the Shetland Isle.
Shadwell landed on Elizabeths tiara.He laughed, "Would you believe it Elizabeth, he's a goblin. It's no wonder he's so ugly." He threw Shadwell onto the bed were he landed on one of Elizabeths golden tiara's.
"Oh well," Elizabeth said, "he's not really my cup of tea but at the same time we can't just throw him away, someone should love him."
"What do you think Oscar my love" she said picking the cat up and carrying him over to her bed were Roderick had thrown poor Shadwell.
"Do you think you could love him my darling?" the cat purred loudly and made as if to lick the goblins face.
Shadwell froze as Oscars huge eye teeth loomed right in front of him.
"Would you my darling?" Elizabeth said again pulling the cats head around to give him a kiss.Elizabeth with Oscar,
Oscar purred away and Shadwell could have swore he heard Oscar say "yes" to Elizabeth in amongst his purrs.
"There you go then my lovely, something for you to play with."
She gave Oscar a hug, placed him next to Shadwell and grabbing hold of her clothes she walked out of the bedroom, into the bathroom and downstairs for breakfast. Her dad was sitting at the table.
"Dad you know that green goblin thing you bought home from the Shetlands, do you mind awfully if I give it to Oscar?
Her dad smiled at her and nodded his head frowning.
"No problem my lovely, if that's what you want."

Oscar had Shadwell firmly under his pawBut what was happening upstairs in the bedroom, I wonder.

Oscar was sitting up on the bed, staring down at Shadwell.
"Well well, well, so you are a hairy little goblin, aren't you a lucky boy, all the way from the Shetlands, and whats more you are now my hairy little goblin."

Oscar smiled a huge smile and placed one, warm paw across Shadwell's back and began to purr very loudly indeed.
Shadwell tried to pull away but Oscar's claws dug into his neck.
"I don't suppose you fancy becoming my bestest friend?" he asked and slid his head under the bed clothes.

 Diddily Dee Dot xxxx's and hug's

                                              Chapter two after this short video show
One of my most favourite tales was one that was written by Charles Kingsley. It is called the Water Babies" and we hardly see it on the television which is such a shame. Anyway here it is specially for you

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Shadwell Takes a Ferry Ride

Oscar had Shadwell firmly under his paw
It was pure luck that saved Shadwell's life as he lay on the bed next to the cat.
He closed his eyes as the heavy paw fell across his back and knowing that it would soon be over he waited for the end to arrive.
However a few minutes later the door of the bedroom was flung open again and grabbing hold of his arm,  Elizabeth apologised to Oscar for taking him away,
and leaving the cat in a complete state of bewilderment left the bedroom and went downstairs.

          Elizabeth walked into the kitchen and plonked Shadwell on the top of her fathers work bag.
Poor Shadwell, he was dropped on the open bag.

"There you go dad, I know you ment well," she kissed her dad on the forhead, "but I really don't like him, he isn't the nicest of creatures, is he, but maybe someone will love him.
"Never mind my lovely, I'm sorry you didn't like the little
monster but not to worry I will bring you something really special when I come home on Friday." Elizabeth's dad replied without looking up from his morning newspaper.
    Shadwell just lay where Elizabeth had dumped him. One leg dangling over the side of the bag, his heart pounding like a sledge hammer.
He glanced round the room for an escape route away from Oscar, but Oscar was already in the kitchen, he immediately spied Shadwell's leg and ambled over with that stupid grin on his face again. He clacked his leg with his paw, then flicked his tail straight into the goblins Poor Shadwell he just can't get away from Oscarface.  "You've not made it yet goblin, I still have the upper paw so be careful."

 "Right, thats me finished, I must get going otherwise I shall miss the ferry from Aberdeen."
"Oh are you going over to the Shetlands again today dad?" Roderick inquired, "it's not like you to do the same run twice in a week."
"His dad nodded his head, "I know that son but with the weather turning I think it's best to get this last run done before the ferry has trouble sailing."
 "Do you want me to make some bacon sandwiches love, or will you stop at the roadside cafe  on your way there?" Mrs Goodie asked as she placed his flask of coffee into ths bag, knocking Shadwell onto the floor as she did so.

"Oh no!" squealed Shadwell.
"Oh yes!" exclaimed Oscar, "I told you, you've not gone yet mate, there is still time!" he reached out with his paw and swiped with open claws at the bright green hairy goblin lying on the floor.
Poor Shadwell, he was dropped on the open bag.

"Oscar," Rod shouted, "if I didn't know better I do believe you were trying to keep the hairy thing here." He said bending down and unbeknowingly rescuing Shadwell from the certain paws of death.
"I know it's not the nicest looking goblin on the patch, but it is unique. I mean you don't often get something from the Shetland Islands now do you."
He put the goblin back on the bag.
"You know sis, if you really got to know him I'm sure you could get to like him, he could even be worth something in a few years time."
"A few hundred years, more likely and I doubt it very much my brother," Elizabeth replied shaking her head.
"If you think I am going to leave him lying around the bedroom where our friends can see him, I don't think so, nope he's going back were he belongs and that is the end of it. Come on get your bag, we'll be late for school."
Elizabeth grabbed her bag and coat from off the stair rail and headed for the door stopping to give her dad a kiss on the way out.
"Bye dad, see you on Friday when you come home."
"I doubt it honey, it will be gone midnight and you will be sound asleep I hope."  He laughed and patted her on her back as she went throught he door.
"Bye Mumsy," sees you tonight." she blew her mum a kiss and followed Roderick up the street.
    "Phew, peace reigneth in the Goodie household once again." Margo said as she closed the door. "What time have you got to leave?

Time for another cup of coffee?"  I don't think so dear, I'd better get going I want to be the other side of Perth before eleven, to make sure of a straight run through, before the ferry sails." 
Martin stood up and  smiled. He picked up Shadwell and holding him in his hands he shook his head, "You know what Margo I never did get Elizabeth this thing, and  I really haven't got the faintest idea how it ended up in the wagon.......
Ferry leaving Aberdeen for Lerwick

  But I can tell you for certain Margo I didn't buy him."
He dropped Shadwell into the bag and went to get ready, meanwhile Shadwell curled up.
He could hear Oscar scratching at the side of the bag, but without a care in the world Shadwell tucked his little body under Mr Goodie's brown jumper and had a quick, safe nap in the comfort of the Oscar proof sportsbag.

    He was still sleeping when Martin left, he had a long arduous drive and it was well past mid day by the time he reached his depot the other side of Perth. His load wasn't quite ready and he had to wait for  a wee while, but with Shadwell taken from the bag and put on the seat besides him to keep him company, he decided not to stop at the road side cafe.
He drove all the way to the port arriving there at 4.30, in plenty of time for the 6.30
Martin watched the usual turmoil as the ferry pulled away from the harbour in Aberdeen. The weather was definitely turning and with the swell and drop of the water, he decided to lie down in his cabin and let the journey pass him bye.

He slept a good deal of the way, stretching his legs now and then to stop them going into cramp. Around midnight he went into the Bon Accorde for a bowl of soup and some toast, returning to the cabin to watch a little T.V. before climbing back into the bunk again. However a sharp turn in the weather churned the sea into pea soup and he woke up with still an hours sailing to go before they were due to dock, he decided to go to the Bon Accorde for an early Shadwell sees Morrigan breakfast.
    Just as he was leaving his cabin he noticed Shadwell lying on the bed and without knowing why, he picked him up and put him in his pocket.
    He had almost finished his breakfast when a little girl came wondering over to his table.
"Hello," she said in a very Celtic voice. "What is that ye got in ye pocket mister?"
At first Martin looked at the wee slip of a child standing next to the table.
"Pardon?" he asked a bit puzzled, then he remembered Shadwell.
"Oh you mean this!" he exclaimed taking the creature out of his pocket.
"Why don't tell me he's been looking at you."
"Yes he has mister, he asked me would I like to take him home, cos you were going to give him away."
"Oh he did, did he, well," he stopped and held Shadwell up to his face. "Is this true
the ferry boat from Aberdeen to Lerwick Shadwell, have you told the wee missy here that you want to go and live with her?"
"Martin blinked his eyes, he stared at the goblin and blinked again. Then shaking his head he put the goblin on the table.
"The thing is will you be able to give him a good home."
"I'll vouch for that." a strange voice said behind him.
A young man walked from behind Martin and stood by what was obviously his daughter, they looked so alike.
"I hope Morrigan hasn't been giving you to much hassle."
"Oh no, none whatsoever." Martin said smiling, he stood up and offered his hand to the gentleman.
"Martin Goodie." He picked Shadwell up, "and this is Shadwell, the object of your daughters admiration, though I'm not sure that there is a lot to admire about him."
"Patrick O'Connell here." Morrigan's father answered shaking Martins hand.
"So is it alright if I have the little goblin Daddy?" Moragan asked looking at her father. "He is very lonely and has been through a huge adventure, but now he wants to come home with me, is that okay daddy?"
"Well my love maybe Mr Goodie is taking it home to his little girl."
"No, no he's not daddy, she does't want him. Can I have him please Daddy, please mister."
She turned to Martin, who just nodded his head and passed the goblin over to her.
"Thankyou Mister, thankyou very much. I will take really good care of him,
I promise" she took a breath and cocked her head to one side.
 "And I think he will take good care of me mister, I know he will." she nodded her head again first to Martin then to her father.
"I shall go and get my breakfast now, it has been such a long night waiting."
And with that she turned and walked away.
Martin watched her wobbling off towards a fair haired lady holding a baby on her knee,
"Do you know Mr O'Connell I have a strange feeling we have just missed out on something, but I can't for the life of me tell you what it is?"
He stood up. "Well I guess I better go and collect my things from the cabin. You
getting off at Lerwick?
"No, no... I mean yes, we live there, the other side of the sound. Just been over to the mainland to attend my sisters wedding."
"Nice one," Martin said , Right it's off to the cabin for me then. Nice meeting you Patrick, nice meeting you, lovely girl you have there.
"To be sure she is Mr Goodie, have a good journey.
Martin couldn't help watching the little Morrigan as she walked over to her mother, it was obvious that her and Shadwell were going to become the bestest friends and yet watching her now as she tucked him against her chest. He couldn't help thinking that the two of them had been friends for a long time already.

        On her way over to her Mammy and sister, Morrigan took Shadwell from inside her jacket and held him up so she could get a better look at him.Shadwell
"There that is better, I told ye he would let me have ye, didn't I?" she smiled and kissed him on his ugly cheek and stroked his spikey green hair.
"Thankyou," Shadwell whispered."
"You're quite welcome," Morrigan said and cuddled him to her wee chest. "And welcome to my home....
Shadwell sighed and closed his eyes it had been a long, long night and he was very very tired.
"Ha ha ha," he giggled, "Now try and scratch my eyes out, you lousy flea-bitten cat."  were the last words he spoke under his breath before going fast asleep inside Morrigan's warm jacket.

*        *        *         *         *        *         *        *          *
last chapter coming up below my lovelies.


Shadwell and Morrigan

ShadwellMorrigan held Shadwell close to her heart, he could feel it pounding beneath her cardigan. They were sat on the ferry deck on the benches, watching the lights of the harbour getting closer and closer. Already the lights were popping on in the town of Lerwick, soon the dock would be full of all sorts of people, some leaving with their vehicles, others just going over for a long week end.
"Now Shadwell I want ye to stay tucked up inside there, we don't want you getting an awful cold before we get to the Island, we will have to wait a little while before the ferry leaves for Bressay." She paused for a moment and frowned. "That's if were going back to Kirkabister, I'm not sure anymore, Daddy and Mummy think it's best to be nearer the port since they found out Nana was poorly." Shadwell cuddled closer and she reached inside her jacket and stroked his spikey hair again. "I mean we don't want you getting lost, do we?"
Dear Shadwell, he hadn't the heart to tell Morrigan that he had spent most of his life in the Shetlands, and ask for going to Bressay he did rather hope that the O' Connell family might stay by Lerwick, it would make it a lot easier to get to Fladdabister. He had been away to long and it was time he met some of his family.
He would have loved to have told Mr Goodie that he didn't really pick him up in the Shetlands as he thought.
The fact was that Shadwell had spent most of the summer on the mainland travelling about meeting his Highland relatives. Then he got caught up in the fiasco between Mallie-Ann, Edward, Pollie and Gollie. Then there was all the Brownies and Goblins, including Gobby Goblin who was the start of all the trouble by stealing Mallie-Ann's Peppermint Larks only to find the Brownies had then stolen them on. It was absolute chaos, poor Farmer Jessop would never be the same. Anyway that was then, he snuggled closer to Morrigan.
He had left Oban at the end of October determined to get back to Fladdabister before winter set in. He had made it to Aberdeen, jumped the ferry, found a lorry and settled down for the long trip to the Islands.
Unfortunately this is where he had made the mistake he jumped into a lorry going back to Aberdeen and ended up in Perth with Martin Goodie besides him.
He did think of staying in Perth for Christmas, he met Margot Goodie, Martin's wife and Elizabeth and Roderick but he hadn't met Oscar, and we all know what Oscar thought of Shadwell.
So here he was three days later traveling back to the Shetland Isles, and cuddled up in the warmth of Morrigans arms. What could be better?
Ferry ShopThe foghorns sounded as the St. Clair arrived at the harbour, there was a hustle and bustle, Mr O'Connell was walking towards them.
"Are you ready then my little one? he asked Morrigan, "We , your mum and I have decided to stay here in Lerwick for a few days to see which way the wind blows." Morrigan looked up into her fathers face but didn't say anything, she just followed him over to the exit. Looking down at Shadwell she whispered. "I wonder what the wind has to do with where we're going! Shadwell looked up into her big  green eyes. "I've no idea, I think it's an adult thing," he smiled and whispered back. " They both shrugged their shoulders and followed Mr Patrick O'Connell, Mrs Maria O'Connell and baby Jayden O'Connell off the Ferry and onto Shetland soil again. Shadwell sighed as he thought of Fladdabister and his friends.

    Three or four days went by pretty quick and there didn't seem to be much planning going on in the O'Connell flatlet. Martin got up in the morning and didn't get back until late afternoon. Maria, Morrigan's mum spent a lot of time looking after baby Jayden so the two of them, Shadwell and Morrigan had lots of time to explore Lerwick.
It was just a week later that Shadwell got the chance to go back to his home.
Mr O'Connell just happened to mention that he had to take a truck down to Fladdabister to collect some vegetables and Shetland kale for the Restaurant.

        When they arrived in Fladdabistre, Morrigan's father left to go to the gardens leaving Shadwell and Morrigan on their own to explore. With the strict instructions that they musn't go near the cliffs or the sea.
This gave Shadwell and Morrigan time to go and find Shadwell's friends.
Alas it was never to be, for the old croft and it's cellar where he and his old friends lived was no longer there. Although Morrigan helped him search all around the ruins, no friends could be found, and it was with a sad heart that they both made there way back to the truck, just as Mr O'Donnell arrived with a drink of juice and packet of crisps for Morrigan. As soon as she was settled and belted up, she popped Shadwell onto the seat beside her and managed to give the little green goblin a couple of crisps and some pop when her dad wasn't looking.
Shadwell! Is he really a Goblin?       Later that evening when Shadwell and Morrigan were sat in her bedroom watching Dr Who on the television, Shadwell looked at Morrigan's little face. He was so lucky to have someone who really loved and cared for him, even though he wasn't the prettiest goblin in the cookie jar. And it was then that he decided that until the travel bug came again, or Morrigan found a new best friend. He would stay with her forever.

The End
Dorothy Milnes Simm. 2008

I have a feeling that Shadwell will be back again, maybe in the fall. I wonder what he will get up to then? Lets hope he doesn't meet Oscar again!!!!!!

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